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Bournemouth Airport Parking
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Bournemouth Airport Parking

SkyPark Steve
Here at SkyParkSecure we pride ourselves on offering the best airport parking and some of the UK's biggest airports. We have two conveniently located car parking options for passengers flying to and from Bournemouth Airport to choose from.

Both our booking options are for Bournemouth Airport Car Park 1 and are located approximately 3 minutes' walk from the check-in desks. Travellers have two different options to choose from; Standard parking and Flexible parking. Standard parking is the cheaper option of the two but is non-amendable and cancellations are not allowed. Flexible parking however, allows for amendments and cancellations and is a better option for those whose flight dates could be subject to change.

The beauty of booking with SkyParkSecure is that you can rest assured that your booking is entirely secure. We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable prices for holidaymakers and business travellers alike.

About Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is located 4 miles northeast of Bournemouth, on the outskirts of Hurn village. In 2011 Bournemouth Airport was responsible for getting 613, 755 passengers to their chosen destination out of the 20 different domestic and international routes served by the airport.

Budget airlines operating from the airport include EasyJet and Ryanair. Thomson Airways operate a number of different routes form the airport whilst Blue Islands provide flights to Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey.. Aer Lingus will also commence flights to Dublin from 1st May 2012.

Getting to Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is accessible via the A31 off the M27 and M3 motorways for those from the east and the A35 from the west of the Airport.

SkyPark Steve

SkyPark Steve's Bournemouth Airport Facts

- The busiest international/domestic route in 2011 was to Malaga in Spain.
- Bournemouth Airport nabbed top spot for 'best airport in the United Kingdom' in the Daily Telegraph Travel Awards.
- Bournemouth Airport opened its doors as an RAF Hurn in 1941.
- The first commercial airline from Bournemouth Airport was Palmair who began flights to Majorca in 1958.

Bournemouth Airport Parking Options

Bournemouth airport park and ride

Bournemouth Airport Park & Ride

BEST FOR: lowest priced parking at Bournemouth Airport

Simply put; you park your car in a car park near to Bournemouth Airport and hop in a shuttle bus to the airport. All car parks on SkyParkSecure are checked to ensure that the sites are suitably secure and that your car is going to be properly looked after while you're away.

Bournemouth airport meet and greet

Bournemouth Airport Meet & Greet Parking

BEST FOR: convenience and the easiest possible arrival at Bournemouth Airport

Simply drive to the airport terminal and your car will be looked after by a fully insured chauffeur who will take it to a secure parking facility near the airport. Most services ask you to give them a buzz shortly before you arrive at the terminal to let them know you're on your way.
When you arrive back in the country give them another call and they'll bring your car to the airport. Seriously, couldn't be easier.

Bournemouth airport parking

Bournemouth Airport On Airport Parking

BEST FOR: closest parking for Bournemouth Airport

These services are usually the option that is closest to the airport and are often run by the airports themselves. More often than not you don't even need to take a shuttle bus to the airport as the car parks are so close by.

Why Choose SkyparkSecure for your Bournemouth Airport Parking?

* SkyparkSecure offer the best airport parking rates through special relationships developed with car parks at Bournemouth Airport.

* SkyparkSecure offer Bournemouth Airport Meet & Greet parking, Park & Ride and On-Airport Parking.

* SkyparkSecure use a safe and secure instant booking system with realtime confirmation of your Bournemouth Airport Parking details.

* SkyparkSecure also offer hotels, transfers, lounges and car-hire at Bournemouth Airport.

* Secure Parking at Bournemouth Airport is guaranteed. Our customer charter ensures you are fully protected.
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