Cutting Spending At Home When Going Away

Save money, spend more on cocktails?

Recent research into the average expense of us Britons has found that more than £22 billion is being spent on travelling abroad each year. This figure considers the typical amount of money spent before and during a family’s vacation. It is believed that holidaymakers are spending over £500 per person on products and services before even leaving the country. After discovering this shocking figure, surely we should be looking at more ways in which to save money and minimize costs. Here we will consider factors which could help individuals achieve this with just a few handy tips!

Although booking your holiday should be carefully considered and taken time over in order to guarantee your perfect break, this process should be done as early as possible to avoid over paying in peak times. It is advised for individuals or families to book their holiday at least 6 months in advance to obtain as much for their money as possible. Avoiding departures on a Friday or Saturday is a common tip for reducing the amount you pay for flights if this is possible for you to do so. Having the guidance and knowledge of a travel agency can also help in many ways by ensuring all your ideal requirements are met within your budget.

The benefits of advance booking can relate to many holiday preparations. Organising transportation to and from the airport prior to your official departure day will evidently help you avoid paying over the odds. The cost of airport parking for instance will considerably increase if not paid for prior to your arrival, and you may also find that some airport car parks are fully occupied the later you leave it.

Being well prepared is a vital necessity when planning a holiday. If you begin to organise yourself and your family earlier on in the year, it gives you more time in which to shop around for bargains on the market. Purchasing products in bulk if there are a few of you flying abroad will generally benefit your wallet. Shop around when it comes to exchange rates as this is a vital money saving concept that is often overlooked. Statistics show that almost £1.8 billion is being spent on duty free, and although these products are seen as ‘money-savers’, a percentage of this figure will undoubtedly have been contributed by Brit’s who have forgotten to pack certain items. Organize belongings efficiently by writing a list and checking off items as you go.

Remember that friendly locals will want to encourage your return and therefore building relationships will not only enhance your experience but may also result in a few freebies. After saving the pennies leading up to your time away, it is now down to you not to blow it all on cocktails!