Travelling To The Olympics

Olympic Mascots SkyparkSecure

The build up to the 2012 London Olympics is progressively dominating the news and conversations of many. Although the budgets for this event have generated massive amounts of criticism, the redevelopments that have taken place can surely only be seen as a positive attribute.

Skypark Steve isn’t too impressed with the Olympic Mascots (above) but will no doubt welcome them into his superhero community.

The media coverage produced by the games will ensure that the whole of the UK will benefit from an increase in tourism and with an estimated 8 million tickets available to be purchased; the event is undoubtedly going to bring about massive increases in travel. The boost to tourism and travel should also persist after the Olympics when recognition of the capital has been well established.

Transport networks will be affected and prove exceptionally busy during the game dates. Although there have been expensive upgrades and improvements to a select few transport links such as the Channel Tunnel Shuttle, many travel disruptions on certain days and at certain times are highly anticipated.
The cost of flights are only set to rise the closer it gets to the Olympic Games so the earlier you prepare and pre book, the cheaper your trip will be. The option to fly to a city outside London and then make your way there using alternative methods may prove cheaper overall.

Booking in advance is a concept that should be adhered to with all aspects of your trip. Parking facilities as well as hotels for instance can run out of availability quickly when such popular events are being held. Research these facilities well to certify that you get the best deal and plan your trip well according to your itinerary.

The more flexible you are on flight dates however will also determine the price if not needing to fly during peak times, and flights with multiple stops will also be cheaper although less convenient. Staying in hotels that are located outside the centre will definitely be less expensive, so the closer you can secure accommodation to the airport the better.

Most Olympic tickets include free public transportation around Central London so be sure to take advantage once arriving in the city. The risk of getting lost will surely be of no concern on arrival as simply following the crowds will be a very appropriate way to go!