Never Forget Your Luggage Again

    We have all been in that situation where we have bought new luggage for our exciting holiday away only to forget what it looks like after a 5-6 (or more) hour flight and jetlag. After watching it go by on the luggage carousel several times the realisation suddenly dawns on you that the one piece of luggage left has actually been yours all along.

    Well one man might have just come up with a genius solution.

    Imgur user jew3lrose posted an image of his personalised luggage with a difference stating that is was:

    ‘The Best Way to Never Lose Luggage’

    Personalised luggage


    The comical take on personalised luggage sparked several ideas on what others would like to have on their personalised luggage, a popular suggestion was an image of ex-partners to scare off any potential thieves.

    The remaining comments were heavily focused on the sock and sandal combination which is expected to be the latest trend for travellers this Christmas.

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