The 21 People We HATE on Flights

    Everyone gets annoyed when they’re cooped up in a tin can with hundreds of other people. A lot of the team here at SkyParkSecure admit to hating seat kickers!

    Seat Kickers

    But what are the most irritating crimes that most of us agree on?

    Just the Flight conducted a survey of 5,000 people to find out exactly that.

    We’ve outlined the results in the table below, as well as a handy infographic that goes into a bit more detail.

    We were surprised at some of the results. People who take their socks off was only 15th on the list (!!!), much lower than we’d have thought. Meanwhile nervous flyers make an appearance at the bottom, which is a little cruel to say the least!

    Whereabouts did your biggest pet peeve land? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

    The Worst Passenger Crimes

    Below we've placed those passenger crimes in order, and included how many people out of 5,000 voted for that crime
    PositionCrimeNumber of votes
    1Strong body odour2950
    2Seat kicking2700
    3Ignorant parents2650
    4Crying children2050
    6Heavily drunk1800
    8Armrest hogging1350
    9Encroaching on your seat1200
    10Clapping after landing1000
    11Stag dos1000
    12Queue jumping950
    13Loud music750
    14Passive-aggressive complaining600
    15Bare feet600
    16Smelly food550
    18Hogging the overhead bin500
    20Being nervous150
    21Frequent toilet trips50

    For a little more detail on each passenger crime, check out the infographic below.

    Most irritating air passengers