The hardest working cabin crew in the world

    Last week I had a week away in the traditional Spanish fishing town of Garrucha.

    Garrucha is a beautiful and lively market town which bustles with activity all year round and it is now becoming a very popular tourist destination that still retains much of its original charm and character.

    One of the really nice parts of Garrucha is it’s 2 km promenade that spans the entire length of the town. Smartly paved and lined with palm trees it is a lovely place to take an evening stroll where you will find delightful areas to sit and relax or watch your children play in the specially designed play areas.

    The promenade is where you will also find a great selection of coffee bars and restaurants, look out for the fish bars, many will be serving fish caught only hours earlier (seriously recommended).

    The locals say ‘you can never eat any fish or sea fruit more delicious than in Garrucha’. The famous local catch is the red prawns, which are only caught in this area of the Mediterranean Sea.

    We travelled there courtesy of RyanAir. We’ve talked about the ‘Worlds Favourite Airline’ a few times before but I thought they were worth another mention following our trip.

    You probably know that with RyanAir flights passengers are required to check-in online no later than 4 hours before their flight, with a £40 per passenger charge waiting for anyone not bright enough to manage to do this properly.

    Unfortunately, given that my house had been invaded the night before our journey, the distractions caused me to miss one vital part of the online check-in process; printing out my boarding cards. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

    I spoke with a few people and a couple said that they’d almost missed that part as well. All the emails sent out by RyanAir tell you to check-in online but there is no mention of printing boarding cards until on that page.

    These are pretty flimsy excuses, granted; but it does feel that RyanAir deliberately try to catch passengers out in order to validate their exhorbitant additional charges. The table below details every charge that RyanAir incurs. In our case, there were 4 adults travelling and given that we opted for priority boarding (complete waste of money by the way), our additional charges came to £29 per person; that’s on top of the flight charge and taxes.

    I’m still not convinced that RyanAir are as cheap as they pupport to be – have a look at my previous post on a price comparison between RyanAir and BA.

    As an aside, I also noticed that on a shorthaul flight from Liverpool to Spain, RyanAir employed none less than 5 air stewards to pass out menu cards and magazines, serve drinks 5 times, serve food twice, scratch cards once, ‘duty free’ twice and then of course go around collecting every bit of rubbish, every magazine and menu card to make the flight turnaround as quick as possible.

    Clearly these guys are the hardest working air stewards in the world – and it showed!

    (UK Pounds/Euro or local currency equivalent)Booked on www.ryanair.comBooked via a Call Centre* or Airport
    UK PoundsEuroUK PoundsEuro
    Online Check-In (not charged on some promotional fares)£5€5£10€10
    Administration FeeRyanair will not apply an administration fee to the holders of a MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card.Administration FeePer passenger/ Per One Way Flight This fee relates to costs associated with Ryanair’s booking system£5€5£5€5
    Priority Boarding Fee* – Per passenger/ Per One Way Flight£4€4£5€5
    Airport Boarding Card Re-issue –n/an/a£40€40
    Infant Fee – Per Infant/Per One Way flight (must be under 2 years for both outbound and return flight)£20€20£20€20
    Checked Baggage Fees* – (Each passenger is permitted to check-in up to 2 bags)1st Bag (15kg allowance) – per bag/per one way flight£15€15£35€35
    1st Bag (15kg) Peak Travel – All Flight during July & August£20€20£40€40
    1st Bag (15kg) Flights to/from Canary Islands (excluding Spanish domestic)£20€20£40€40
    1st Bag (20kg allowance) – per bag/per one way flight£25€25£45€45
    1st Bag (20kg) Peak Travel – All Flight during July & August£30€30£50€50
    1st Bag (20kg) Flights to/from Canary Islands (excluding Spanish domestic)£30€30£50€50
    2nd Bag (15kg allowance) – per bag/per one way flight£35€35£70€70
    2nd Bag (15kg) Peak Travel – All Flights during July & August£40€40£80€80
    2nd Bag (15kg) Flights to/from Canary Islands (excluding Spanish domestic)£40€40£80€80
    Excess Baggage Fee – Per Kilo
    Fee can only be purchased at the airport ticket desk
    Not Available OnlineNot Available Online£20€20
    Infant Equipment* (car/booster/travel cot) Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight (1 pushchair carried free of charge). A maximum weight of 20kg per item£10€10£20€20
    Sports Equipment* Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight A maximum weight of 20kg per item
    Bikes 30kg per item
    Musical Instrument* Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight A maximum weight of 20kg per item£40€40£50€50
    Flight Change Fees* – Per Passenger/ Per One Way Flight£35€35£55€55
    Name Change Fee* – Per Passenger£100€100£150€150


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