777 stops Cambridge traffic

    The moment the 777 came into land. (Picture courtesy of Cambridge News)
    The 777 comes in to land. (Picture courtesy of Cambridge News)


    This is the moment a British Airways Boeing 777 halted traffic as it came in to land at Cambridge Airport.

    The dramatic picture, taken last week, shows traffic stopped at a red light while the plane swooped overhead to land at the city’s airport.

    A Boeing 777 normally carries between 300 and 400 passengers, but this one was empty as it flew very low across Newmarket Road.

    Bosses at Cambridge Airport say the plane didn’t pose a threat and it is common for large aircraft to land at the airport.

    But residents have concerns. Richard Fusniak told Cambridge News: “The tail height of the plane is 60ft 9in (18.5m) and it’s quite obvious from the photograph that the height of the plane above the road is of a similar order. Apparently the traffic was not only stopped at Coldhams Lane to allow the plane to land but also at Newmarket Road.”

    A spokesperson for Cambridge Airport said: “We have had Boeing 777s at the airport many times before, and in fact aircraft bigger than that, Boeing 747s – jumbo jets.

    “The arrival of these bigger aircraft is part of the maintenance contract work we have, on which many jobs depend.”