Still No Arrest in 2019 If You’re Caught with Mary Jane in a UK Airport

    Coffee shop in Amsterdam
    A coffee shop in old Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    It’s been four years since airport officials announced they wouldn’t arrest passengers found with small amounts of cannabis and other drugs at customs. But as we enter 2019, are rules about to get even more lenient?

    Previously we learned that official guidance to Border and Immigration was to steer clear of making arrests for “personal use” quantities of Class B drugs, such as cannabis, amphetamines and mephedrone. Personal use in relation to cannabis is usually classed as around one ounce (28 grams).

    However, even though passengers at UK airports caught returning with small amounts of cannabis probably won’t be arrested, they will still have their drugs confiscated.

    But in 2019, could this be about to change?

    We’ve seen in the US that medical marijuana has been legal in California for two decades. And as of this 1st of January last year, any Californians over 21 are permitted to purchase cannabis along with seven other states.

    Because of California’s influence on the rest of the US and therefore the West, it’s not difficult to see how this could have an effect on the rest of the world. Canada is likely to legalise recreational marijuana in 2019, for example.

    However, although attitudes towards marijuana use are softening around the world, it’s still very much illegal in the UK. Normally cannabis possession is dealt with by the Police, with a £90 fine or a warning, while possession of other Class B drugs can be lead to imprisonment for up to five years.

    With that in mind, we would always recommend against bringing it back into the country. Although you may only have a small amount confiscated if it’s found on your person, it’s still illegal and wherever you’re flying from may have a different policy towards smuggling it through the airport.

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