The 6 Best Beach Holiday Hacks for Summer 2019

    With the UK as grey and miserable as it is, it’s no wonder so many people have already booked their spring and summer beach holidays!

    If you’re among them (or you’re thinking of booking soon), make sure you try out our top tips when you hit the sand.

    6) Remove Sand in Seconds

    We’ve all been in the situation of struggling to shake off the sand from between our toes and on our hands.

    But the solution is devilishly simple:

    Remember to pack some baby powder and shake it on your feet and hands. Then you can just brush off the sand with ease.

    No fuss, no muss!

    Plus as a bonus, your hands and feet will smell great and it’ll help combat sweating in the holiday heat! It’s a win-win-win.

    5) Hide Valuables in a Bottle (Or a Nappy?!)

    Try thinking outside the box to keep your valuables safe whilst on the beach.

    Once you have finished using the jumbo value sunscreen bottle, turn it into a clever storage place for your keys, loose money and phone.

    Unless they are extremely fair skinned, thieves aren’t likely to try and steal your sun cream!

    You can even purchase bespoke valuables containers disguised to look like a suncream bottle, like the one pictured!

    If you want to go a step further, try wrapping your valuables in an unused nappy. Remember this clever beach security tip is only worth following if the nappy is unused (you have been warned!).

    4) Resealable Phone Protection

    Our smartphones are increasingly vital to us, particularly whilst on holiday.

    So avoid the dangers of the beach and place your phone inside a sealable plastic bag.

    Not only will it protect it, but you’ll still be able to see what everyone back home is up to. There’s no better feeling that getting a tan while your mates are getting up for work.

    When you see others drop their phone in the sand or sea you’ll be glad you took this advice!

    3) Best Snack to Take to the Beach

    Chocolate? Sweets? An orange?

    Nope, there’s only one beach snack worth thinking about…a banana!

    It comes in its own wrapper that prevents any sand getting to it, and you won’t make a mess when you’re trying to peel it.

    This tip is so simple, but it’ll save you from that unpleasant crunchy feeling of sand sneaking into your packed lunch.

    2) Cool the Burn

    At some point during a beach trip you know someone is bound to get sunburnt.

    Maybe it’ll even be you!

    To help cool the burning sensation, don’t use moisturising lotions  — use an aloe gel.

    Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, prolonging the pain instead of relieving it.

    To improve upon nature’s brilliance, pop your aloe gel into the fridge. The cool temperature will increase the relief.

    1) Give Away Your Beach Toys at the End of the Week

    If the thought of taking £5 worth of beach toys all the way back home with you doesn’t sound appealing, why not give the toys to another family to use on your last day?

    You won’t have to lug sandy plastic back to your house, only to be stored away until next year, and you’ll also gain some good karma!

    You never know — next year instead of buying the usual bucket and spade you may be given some for free due to your kind gesture catching on.