The Best Sunset Spots In Ibiza

    Ibiza, arguably, has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Every year, thousands of people flock to this island just to witness them. These wondrous visions are the quiet moment before the island, famed for its parties and clubs, gets pumped up and a little more lively. They are visually exciting, definitely special, and for many people (rightfully so) a reason to visit this vibrant island on its own.

    If you want to see some of the best sunset spots in Ibiza, it makes sense to know the right places to be so check out the interactive map below & locate some of the best sunset spots this magical island has to offer. While the “sunset strip” of bars in San Antonio might be popular for this, they can also be expensive and fairly crowded. Here we reveal some of well-known and not so well known sunset spots in Ibiza, so you can really make the most of those tranquil moments before day turns to dusk.

    There’s something soul satisfying about seeing a gorgeous sunset dip below the horizon. This might be a time of reflection, or just awed wonder at witnessing such magnificence. What makes sunset watching so special is that, depending on your location, you can see a completely different version. Every evening can be a time for heart thumping sunset moments, particularly if you happen to know the best spots.

    BenirrĂ¡s Beach

    Na Xamena Cliffs

    Cafe Mambos

    Cafe Del Mar

    Cala Conta Beach

    Es Vedra Rock

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