UK School Holidays 2019 Dates

    School term and holiday dates vary across the UK. These can have an impact on when you decide to go away, and how much everything (including airport parking) can cost.

    We’ve broken down the school holidays for you below using information from School Holidays Europe.

    You can use this guide in conjunction with our Bank Holiday 2019 Dates Guide to really plan out the best time to go away for you and your family.

    And if you’re specifically trying to AVOID going away during the school holidays, you can take a look at the complete UK school holidays calendar at the bottom of the page. Thanks to Dave for that suggestion!

    Please note that these are purely guidelines and differences can occur depending on your council. For example, no English school will take the entire eight-week timespan given below for their 2019 summer holidays, however we’ve provided the full date range for your information. 

    You should always check with your local council and school for the dates specific to you. A quick way to find out holiday dates from your local council is by entering your postcode into this government search tool.

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    England 2019 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Easter holidays 201908-04-201926-04-201915-16-17
    Summer break 2019 (May half term)27-05-201931-05-201922
    Summer holiday 201915-07-201906-09-201929-36
    Autumn break 2019 (October half term)21-10-201901-11-201943-44
    Christmas holiday 201923-12-201903-01-202052-1

    Northern Ireland 2019 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Easter holidays 201918-04-201926-04-201917
    Summer holiday 201901-07-201830-08-201827-35
    Halloween 201931-10-201901-11-201944
    Christmas holidays 201923-12-201903-01-202052-1

    Scotland 2019 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Spring Holiday 201901-04-201912-04-201914-15
    May break 201924-05-201927-05-201921
    Summer Holiday 201901-07-201920-08-201927-33
    Autumn/mid term break 201907-10-201925-10-201941-42-43
    Christmas holiday 201923-12-201903-01-202052-1

    Wales 2019 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Easter holidays 201915-04-201926-04-201916-17
    Summer half term 201927-05-201931-05-201922
    Summer holiday 201922-07-201930-08-201930-35
    Autumn break 201928-10-201901-11-201944
    Christmas holiday 201923-12-201903-01-202052-1



    1. can you do a table that shows the overal earliest dates and latest dates for the collective UK?

    2. Hi Louise, thank you for your feedback. I have updated the tables to show the next school holiday for each. I hope this helps in making it easier to find the dates you are looking for.

    3. Date children break up for summer holidays is 1 week earlier on your website than it should be, they do not break up on 15th July 2019 – they break up on 23rd, as they only have 6 weeks off & not 7 as your website makes out they do.

    4. Thank you for highlighting this. Small differences in start and end date per council are possible. As you mention in most regions, the start date is somewhere in week 30 (July 24 to 26 2019) and the last day of the school holiday is 30 August 2019. Not all end dates are known yet. Exception, e.g. Leicester: 15-7 to 27-8-2019.

      We have now updated the table to cover the majority of the school summer holidays.

    5. For those folk who are more interested in when the school holidays are *not*, so they can be safely avoided, a calendar format might be helpful.

    6. A brilliant suggestion Dave, you’ll be happy to know I’ve embedded a calendar on the page which will be kept up-to-date. Thanks a lot!

    7. This is an excellent idea whoever had it. It is brilliant to be able to easily see when the school holidays start and finish for the whole of the UK for those of us wishing to take breaks when children are all at the school! I o trawled through the separate councils last year as you mention different councils start holidays at different times. Thank you so much. 🙂

    8. thank you for let us know, this is very useful for us which is stay outside united kingdom