UK School Holidays Dates – Updated for 2018

    School term and holiday dates vary across the UK. These can have an impact on when you decide to go away, and how much everything including airport parking can cost.

    We’ve broken down the school holidays for you below using information from School Holidays Europe.

    Please note that these are purely guidelines and you should always check with your local council and school for the dates specific to you. A quick way to find out holiday dates from your local council is by entering your postcode into this government search tool.

    England 2018 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    February half term12-02-201823-02-20187-8
    Easter holidays 201826-03-201813-04-201813-14-15
    Summer break 2018 (May half term)28-05-201801-06-201822
    Summer holiday 201816-07-201805-09-201829-35
    Autumn break 2018 (October half term)22-10-201802-11-201843 - 44
    Christmas holiday 201824-12-201804-01-201952 - 1

    Northern Ireland 2018 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Mid term15-02-201816-02-20187
    Easter holidays 201829-03-201806-04-201814
    Summer holiday 201802-07-201831-08-201827-35
    Halloween 201831-10-201802-11-201844
    Christmas holiday 201824-12-201801-01-201952 - 1

    Scotland 2018 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Mid term break 201812-02-201820-02-20187-8
    Easter holidays 201830-03-201813-04-201814-15
    Summer holiday 201827-06-201820-08-201827-33
    Autumn/mid term break 201808-10-201826-10-201841-42-43
    Christmas holiday 201824-12-201804-01-201952 - 1

    Wales 2018 School Holidays

    HolidayStart DateEnd DateWeek
    Half term 201812-02-201816-02-20187
    Easter holidays 201826-03-201806-04-201813-14
    Half term 201828-05-201801-06-201822
    Summer holiday 201823-07-201802-09-201830-35
    Autumn break 201829-10-201802-11-201844
    Christmas holiday 201824-12-201804-01-201952 - 1