Cyprus’ Independence Day: 1st October

    Cyprus celebrates the anniversary of its independence on October 1st every year with a military parade in the streets of Nicosia.

    Thinking of Visiting Cyprus, when is best to go?

    The tourist season in Cyprus lasts from April to October. During this time there should be no trouble getting flights and hotels, all the attractions, restaurants and so on will be open, and there should be numerous activities and festivals to keep you occupied. The downside is, of course, overcrowding and inflated prices. Given a choice, many try to avoid the fierce August heat (remember, Cyprus is just off the coast of the Middle East) so a visit in September – October could be the ideal time.

    Ruins of ancient Kourion. Limassol District. Cyprus.

    Where to visit in Cyprus?

    One of the great advantages of Cyprus as a holiday destination is that it’s a relatively small island offering a huge variety of attractions, scenery and activities linked together by an excellent road system. Wherever you stay, you can get to pretty much anywhere else in a day.

    The vast majority of tourists begin their trip on the narrow coastal strip in the south, which hosts the main towns of LarnacaLimassol and Paphos, each with a historic old town, promenade and popular beaches.

    Clear sea water at Dasoudi beach in Limassol, Cyprus
    Clear sea water at Dasoudi beach in Limassol, Cyprus