How to Sneak an Engagement Ring on a Plane

    If you’re planning on proposing to your loved one when you go away for Valentine’s Day, the last thing you want is to set the metal detectors off, or for security to think there’s a suspicious item in your bag.

    What if they start rifling through your bags and your secret’s uncovered? A bit of a buzzkill, you have to admit.

    Unfortunately, not every airport can be like East Midlands Airport, which last Valentine’s Day implemented a simple but effective system for sneaking that all-imported ring through security.

    They advised anyone travelling from the airport to contact them in advance via or by messaging @EMA_Airport on Twitter.

    The airport then arranged to verify that the request was legit and provided the romantic with a secret code, which they could say to security staff on arrival.

    After hearing the code word, the couple would be separated and placed in separate queues to keep everything nice and discreet, without arousing any suspicion.

    A spot of genius, I think you’ll agree!

    But in the absence of romantic airport marketing campaigns, here are 6 ways to get an engagement ring through airport security.

    1) Keep the Ring in Your Hand Luggage

    It might be tempting to keep the engagement ring on you at all times so you know it’s safe and sound, but this could cause more problems than it solves.

    If the ring’s in your pocket it will either set off the metal detectors and a cause a fuss, or you’ll have to empty it into the tray for your partner to see.

    What we’re saying is keep it in your hand luggage.

    2) Leave the Ring in the Box

    First off is an obvious one. Don’t take the ring out of the box to hide away in some nook or cranny in your suitcase.

    Not only does this make it easy to lose when you get to your destination, but it also becomes an issue protecting the engagement ring itself.

    The box provides convenient protection to the ring itself, so don’t risk it getting misshapen for the sake of secrecy.

    3) DO NOT Wrap It

    Another schoolboy error is wrapping your engagement ring up. It is a present after all!

    But this could lead to an awkward and lengthy conversation at airport security as they ask you to unwrap the item in the eyes of everyone — including your beloved!

    4) Use Your Shoes

    As well as the box itself, one of your shoes can provide extra protection, as well as a handy hiding place from your partner while you’re packing.

    And as an added bonus, you’ll know exactly where that ring is when you come to unpack

    5) Include a Note

    If you’re putting the ring in your shoe or sock, think about writing a note to go with it.

    On the off-chance a security officer does want to go through your stuff, they might be kind enough to keep it discreet if they read about what the ring is for.

    6) Don’t Break Any Other Rules

    Our last tip is to ensure you haven’t breached any other airport rules.

    Keep your liquids under 100ml, no sharp objects, no undeclared food — follow the rules to the letter and you’ll get through security as quickly as possible.