Europe’s Best Christmas Food Markets

    Not feeling Festive enough yet? Well with Christmas approaching faster than Santa’s sleigh read our list below of Europe’s Best Christmas Food Markets. It will be sure to have your stomach pining for the festive season’s culinary delights and counting down the sleeps till the Christmas markets open!


    Angers, France – 28th November to 28th December

    Europe's best christmas food markets

    The Soleils d’Hiver festival in Angers is a Christmas gift from god for all of earths foodies. The Place du Ralliement, situated in front of the theatre, offers a cornucopia of delicious things to eat from the Loire Valley and all over France. There’s plenty on offer, sip on some local vin chaud (hot mulled wine) and be sure to try the ‘apples of love’,  known to me and you as toffee apples. Angers holy grail however is its Nougat, served from many of the gourmet stalls its something which no self confessed foodie should ever miss out on. If its drink your after head over to the 13th-century fortress is the Maison des Vins co-op, where bubbly costs about a fiver a bottle, and as Angers is close to then Channel ports why not take the car and stock up for Noël.


    Bologna, Italy – 21st November to 7th January

    Europes best christmas food markets

    You cant talk about food without giving Italy a mention somewhere along the line and Bologna has well and truly earned its place on our list of Europe’s best Christmas food markets. If your a sucker for sweet food then Bologna markets will be your dream, smells spill from the stores and the mouth-watering temptations are everywhere. Indulge in citrus peel dipped in dark chocolate to realistic fruits made from marzipan, whoever the show stopper once again is locally made nougat laced with nuts and honey. All these Christmas culinary delights packed into one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval city’s, what more could you want !

    Berlin, Germany 24th  November to 28th December

    Europes best christmas food markets

    Berlin Christmas markets are all over the city and the pure size of each market and whats on offer is incredible, you could pick up pretty much anything you want here but that’s not the main reason Berlin has made its way onto our list. Whats even more incredible is the quality of the food on offer here, form locally sourced sausages to melted Swiss dark chocolate crepes there’s something for everyone. If its drink your after then be sure to try out the Hungarian langos its a real treat. Berlins party piece for us here at SkyParkSecure however is the pop up heated tents in which many of Berlin and Brandenburg’s top restaurants offer fine dining, a true individual touch which cant be matched by any other market.


    Paris, France –  24 November to 27 December

    Europes best christmas food markets

    With the Eiffel Tower gleaming in fairy lights Paris will give anyone an injection of warm festive glow, so if your a Christmas loving foodie then you’ve come to one of the best places possible. Like Berlin everything you could imagine is here on offer , sip mulled wine and wonder down the Village de Noel des Champs Elysees, taste the crepes or roasted chestnuts and take in the wonderful sights and smells. But what sets Paris apart form the rest i hear you say, well if your after the true Paris Christmas market experience then you must try some of the gooey cheesytartiflette, made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions, like most things in Paris its pricey but its well well well worth it.

    Manchester, England – 14 November – 21 December 2015

    Manchester is a city which always seems to have a friendly upbeat atmosphere and the Christmas Markets are no different. The Chalets are dotted around in a few different areas of the city but all are within close proximity of each other, this creates a good festive atmosphere throughout. Manchester unique aspect is the fact that there are not many typically British products on offer, what’s on offer instead are foods and drinks form a range of different European countries and cultures. From Germany, sausages and Bavarian beer; from Spain chalets filled with Paella; from France provencal chicken and garlic mushrooms and an unimaginable selection of cheese, the list goes on, and on. Not a name you would expect to be on Europe’s best Christmas food market list but Manchesters ingredients of upbeat atmosphere and coming together of different European cultures makes it a must visit this Christmas for any foodie.

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