New Flight Routes for November 2017

Airlines launch new flight routes all year round, but without checking each individual airline or airport website every day, how are you supposed to know what new locales you can explore and what new landmarks you can visit?

Luckily SkyParkSecure has got your back with the best new flight routes from airports around the country.

Birmingham Airport

New Flight Routes - Marsa Alam, Egypt

Where Can I Go? Marsa Alam, Egypt

How Long is the Flight? ~6h

How Much Does It Cost? From £102.99

Thomas Cook is now offering flights to one of Egypt’s up-and-coming locations. Its airport was only built in 2001, so it’s something of a hidden gem, but if you’re a big fan of scuba diving or have always wanted to visit the Red Sea, you should seriously consider taking a trip to this resort.

New Flight Routes - Hamburg, Germany

Where Can I Go? Hamburg, Germany

How Long is the Flight? 1h 50m

How Much Does It Cost? From £34.99

Hamburg is absolutely thriving and packed with things to do, so it’s no wonder Flybe has introduced this new flight route from Birmingham Airport. Go and enjoy some delicious German craft beers at the Altes Madchen brewhouse, explore Flohschanze market, or raid the vintage shops, vinyl record stores and boutiques of St Pauli.

Bristol Airport

New Flight Routes - Stockholm, Sweden

Where Can I Go? Stockholm, Sweden

How Long is the Flight? ~3h 30m

How Much Does It Cost? From £24

Stockholm is brilliantly unique in that it’s made up of 14 islands, so not only will you struggle to run out of things to do, but the whole place has this wonderful nautical feel that’s like nowhere else. Taking a boat trip is a no-brainer, but you should also set aside some time to wander round the Old Town and see the royal palace; go downtown for a bit of shopping and a refreshment or two; and thank Sweden for the music at ABBA: The Museum.

New Flight Routes - Athens, Greece

Where Can I Go? Athens, Greece

How Long is the Flight? ~5h 50m

How Much Does It Cost? From £28

If you’re down in Bristol, you really can’t pass up the opportunity to visit this iconic city. There are all the incredible sights you’ve probably heard about from the Acropolis to Sounio, but there are also plenty of activities to suit more modern tastes, like enjoying drinks and the view from the rooftop of A for Athens, or heading to Papagalos Cafe for a delicious — and lively — meal.

Gatwick Airport

New Flight Routes - Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Where Can I Go? Phu Quoc, Vietnam

How Long is the Flight? ~12–13h

How Much Does It Cost? From £479

Phu Quoc really does have it all! There are more than 20 beaches to explore, as well as six fishing villages, a variety go hiking trails and Pho Quoc National Park. The once you’re done enjoying the natural beauty of Vietnam, take in some culture at the local temples, markets and the old prison which is now a national heritage site.

Glasgow Airport

New Flight Routes - Krakow, Poland

Where Can I Go? Krakow, Poland

How Long is the Flight? ~2h 40m

How Much Does It Cost? From £12.99

Ryanair will now be flying to the Polish capital twice a week, and it’s a brilliant time to explore. Very likely to be covered in a blanket of festive snow, you simply have to visit the historic old town and the scenic market square, where you’ll be staggered by the beauty of the architecture. History buffs should also take time to visit the humbling and harrowing Auschwitz concentration camp.

New Flight Routes - Munich, Germany

Where Can I Go? Munich, Germany

How Long is the Flight? ~2h 15m

How Much Does It Cost? From £86

If you can’t wait for Oktoberfest, there’s plenty of things to do all year round in Munich. Visit Museum Brandhorst to see some of the best in modern art; head to the Viktualienmarkt for some food supplies; climb more than 300 steps in St Peter’s Church to see a spectacular view; and reward yourself with a nice, cold Steinkrug at the end of it.

Heathrow Airport

New Flight Routes - Aberdeen, Scotland

Where Can I Go? Aberdeen, Scotland

How Long is the Flight? 2 hours

How Much Does It Cost? From £70

It’s St Andrew’s Day at the end of the month, so it may be worth cutting down on your travel time with Flybe. A city steeped in history, this new flight route from Heathrow will let you visit some incredible castles and museums from as far back as the 17th century, before heading Sunhoney, a prehistoric stone circle.

Luton Airport

New Flight Routes - Alghero, Italy

Where Can I Go? Alghero, Italy

How Long is the Flight? ~3h 30m

How Much Does It Cost? From £26.49

Alghero is a wonderful maze of tiny streets and avenues, complete with a variety of shops and a bustling marina. There’s also the opportunity to stroll along the city walls and enjoy the unique views Alghero has to offer. But Neptune’s Grotto is the big pull for most people — this marine cave offers guided tours where you can “you can find real rooms decorated by nature, with stalactites and stalagmites and an underwater salt lake.”

New Flight Routes - Seville, Spain

Where Can I Go? Seville, Spain

How Long is the Flight? 2h 50m

How Much Does It Cost? From £51

If your dream holiday includes tapas and flamenco dancing, Seville is the place for you. It’s a romantic city, with the cobbled streets of the old town complementing the stunning Alcázar Palace. Fans of historic sites and museums will be right at home, but with a thriving nightlife and too many restaurants to count, there’s something for every taste.

Manchester Airport

New Flight Routes - Agadir, Morocco

Where Can I Go? Agadir, Morocco

How Long is the Flight? 4h

How Much Does It Cost? From £22.49

Agadir is Morocco’s most popular resort, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll be spending most of your time on its beautiful beach — even in winter when the sun is still shining — and when you want to get out of the heat for a while, you can visit the city centre, explore the Grand Mosque, and visit the city’s many museums.

New Flight Routes - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Where Can I Go? Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

How Long is the Flight? ~1h 45m

How Much Does It Cost? From £50

Luxembourg is one of most cosmopolitan places in the world, with a foreign population of around 70%, so the city is a wonderful mix of cultures and customs. Take a walking tour along the promenade to learn about the diverse city before splitting off on your own to see the Petrusse Parks; the underground tunnels and galleries known as Bock Casemates; and the town of Grund which sits on the Alzette River.