Heathrow begins consultation on planned third runway

    Heathrow Airport has launched its six-week consultation with local residents over the shortlisted plan for a third runway.

    The consultation process, which was first announced on January 16, will begin today and community feedback on the airport’s plan for a north-west runway will be used to refine the final proposal when it is resubmitted to the Airports Commission in May.

    The estimated 120,000 households and businesses most likely to be impacted by the proposed plans will receive booklets later this week and those outside the immediate area will have the opportunity to express their views online.

    A number of drop-in events are also planned to take place in nine local areas to give people the chance to ask questions and influence the plans.

    Heathrow chief executive, Colin Matthews said: “We believe our proposal to expand Heathrow is the right way to deliver the capacity Britain needs to connect to fast growing economies around the world.

    “This consultation is to make sure we correctly understand what local people value and that we can take their views into account as we refine our proposal. The more people that tell us their views, the more successful the process will be.

    “We know that opinion is divided locally about whether a third runway should go ahead or not, but everyone has an interest in making sure that if a third runway does happen it is developed in the best way possible.”