How To Book A Post Brexit Holiday

    How To Book A Post Brexit Holiday.

    Brexit sent shock-waves around the world and even put some people off going on holiday this year which the team at SkyParkSecure decided just wasn’t fair. This prompted us do some research and put together a small guide on how to book a post brexit holiday.

    The biggest short term impact of Brexit so far has been the sharp fall in the value of sterling, the rate was at 1.35 Euro to the pound at Christmas and it has now plummeted to 1.20. However this is still higher than it was during the 2008-2012 recession so there is still hope!

    Our first piece of advice would be to stay away from the USA, the value of the pound against the US dollar at one point fell to its lowest level since 1985, it has recovered slightly but it’s still incredibly weak. This problem also stems further than the USA however and will effect with many things like cruises or luxury safari lodges – which are mainly priced in US dollars. Most importantly of all, so is oil, which could put pressure on airfares, ferry fares and petrol price.

    So where should we travel I hear you cry!

    Well you could stay in Britain – You will be protected from currency fluctuations but in reality it’s NOT such as good idea. Hoteliers and attraction owners aren’t stupid! They know many travelers will be swapping theme parks in America for family days out at Thorpe Park, meaning good deals will be hard to come by, and so will availability. Not to the mention the guarantee of bad weather.

    Australia, Norway, Sweden, Canada and Croatia currencies are all still better value against the pound than there were 3 years ago so you’re still spoilt for choice if you’re wanting to go abroad. Argentina, Brazil and Chile are also looking like the places to go if you’re looking for a more exotic post brexit holiday destination. Let’s be honest with ourselves the thought of a day relaxing in the Croatian sun beats trekking round a busy rainy British high street. (Well for me anyway!)

    Another ray of hope for British travelers looking to go abroad is that even with the weaker pound, hotel prices, the cost of renting holiday cottages, and of eating out are still likely to be cheaper than the majority of other European countries than they are here. A holiday in northern France, for example, can still be a lot better value than the equivalent in Cornwall or Devon.