How to save fuel when your driving to the airport

    how to save fuel

    How to save fuel 

    At SkyParkSecure we like to save you money. Along with our Airport Parking deal finder that can help to save you up to 60% on gate prices here are some tips to help you save up to 50% on fuel and help to bring the cost of driving to the airport parking down.

    1. Aerodynamics

    Wind resistance increases fuel consumption by as much as 20% so try to keep windows closed at high speeds and remove roof racks and boxes when not in use.

    2. Slow down

    Dropping from 80mph to 70mph could save you up to 25% in fuel as well as avoiding potential speeding fines. And cutting your speed from 70mph to 60mph could save a further 10%.

    3. Anticipate

    Read the road ahead and anticipate the actions of other drivers and potential hazards. The less braking and acceleration required, the less fuel will be used.


    4. Drop the revs

    Some motorists let the revs run to 3,000 per minute (petrol car) and 2,500 (diesel) before changing up a gear. It’s more efficient to move up a gear at 2,500 (petrol) and 2,000 (diesel). Also, use high gears such as fifth and sixth gears sooner than later.


    5. Don’t drive with tired tyres

    how to save fuel

    Well maintained tyres are essential for safe and economical driving. Check your vehicle tyre pressures regularly (especially before a motorway journey). Correctly inflated tyres can improve fuel consumption by up to 2%.


    6. The Air-con vs open windows debate

    how to save fuel Air-conditioning does increase fuel consumption, especially at low speeds. However when driving at high motorway speeds the increase in fuel consumption is less than opening a window. So if it’s a hot day, use the air conditioning for high speed driving but remember to switch it off and open the windows around town.



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