How to Get Some In-Flight Sleep

    in-flight sleep

    1. Pick the right seat

    Pick your seat






    Picking the correct seat is one of the most important ingredients in trying to gain some inflight sleep. Avoid the middle, or even the aisle seat if you do not want to wake up whenever a fellow traveller needs to use the restroom. Aims for a seat next to the window. Not only does it provide you with a peaceful atmosphere, but you can also draw the blinds and rest your head against them. There is a great way to easily find out which seat is best for your particular flight – Go to

    2. Keep yourself warm

    In most cases, when you are up in the air, the temperature drops drastically, and trying to sleep with goose bumps does not allow for comfortable sleeping. Keep your jacket / hoodie close by in case the chill sets so that you are ready to make yourself warm and cosy again.

    3. Bring your own neck pillow

    In-flight neck pillowTrying to fall asleep in a seated position is incredibly hard and made worse when you awaken with a very stiff neck. Save your neck and money by buying a neck pillow for a fraction of the cost before setting off to the airport.


    4. Use earplugs or headphones to reduce noise

    In-Flight headphonesAirplane travel is a very noisy affair and not the most relaxing environment. Try wearing earplugs or listening to calm relaxing music to help you drift off to sleep. Audio books are another great way to mask out the airplane noise and take your mind off traveling.


    5. Wear a sleep mask

    In-Flight EyemaskYou might be traveling through a different time zone or the internal lights of the plane might disturb you if left on. The use of a sleep mask brings darkness whilst also giving you a sense of privacy from others.

    And an extra tip from Steve, if you wear contact lenses try taking them out and traveling in your glasses. This will help your eyes feel more comfortable as plane air is very dry and will cause your contacts to become irritating. Plus most contact lenses aren’t designed to be slept in and will leave your eyes feeling very sore.