Inverness Airport could be named after Loch Ness monster

    Campaigners want to change the name of Inverness airport to honour ‘Nessie’ and cash in on the monster’s worldwide appeal

    Monster attraction: Inverness Airport could be named after the mythical beast from Loch Ness

    It follows last week’s announcement of the resumption of British Airways flights between Inverness and London Heathrow next May – potentially tapping in to more international tourism.

    Deep water rarity: An alleged image of the Loch Ness monsterBritish Airways had ended its services between the two airports in 1997.

    Monster hunter Steve Feltham, who is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for the longest continuous monster hunting vigil of the loch, has launched the online petition.

    He said: “The vast majority of visitors to Britain fly into London, with a list of things they want to see and do.

    Name change for Inverness Airport?
    “Visiting Scotland is often high on their list.”

    Examples of other UK cities which have used celebrities to boost their appeal are Liverpool John Lennon Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport. So would suing the famous Loch Ness name help inverness airport?