John Lennon’s 1964 Pan Am flight bag goes for a song

    The Beatles performing live on TV
    The Beatles performing live on TV

    A Pan Am flight bag given to John Lennon during the Beatles first trip to America in 1964, has been auctioned for £4,700.

    The flight bag was sold, together with a letter of verification, by Special Auction Services in Newbury, Berkshire.

    The bag was originally bought by the seller from Lennon’s uncle Charlie in 2000, with a letter inside the bag confirming its history.

    Alan Pritchard, a music and memorabilia specialist at Special Auction Services said: “John gave the bag along with other things to his uncle Charlie at various times and this is one particular piece that the vendor bought from Charlie.”

    In the verification letter, Uncle charlie wrote: “John gave the bag to me on his first visit back to Liverpool after that trip – may have been the Hard Day’s Night premiere.”

    Mr Pritchard added: “I have dealt with lots of Beatles stuff in the past and it is usually very popular.

    “This bag is a typical bag which would have been given out on the flights, but it just happens to have belonged to John Lennon and that’s what make’s it special.

    “There are Beatles fans all over the world so there is always a lot of interest.”

    It is believed the flight bag was snapped up by an overseas buyer and it was expected to be sold for between £5,000 and £8,000.

    Lennon and the rest of the Beatles left Heathrow Airport early on the morning of February 7, 1964, bound for New York City’s JFK and began the “British invasion” of the American music scene.