10 TV Locations You MUST Visit

    We all love watching TV!

    But instead of sitting on our bums all summer, we thought we’d find 10 TV locations you can actually visit.

    No, really!

    Here are our 10 favourite pop culture spots complete with a handy map for each!

    The Kingsroad – Game of Thrones

    Fancy visiting the longest highway in all the Seven Kingdoms? You’ll have to go to Northern Ireland to see a particularly eery part of it.

    Not quite as long as you might have imagined, you will instead find a beautifully picturesque path flanked by creepy misshapen trees.

    If you do fancy reenacting your favourite moments from the show (although hopefully not the Red Wedding), you can head over to the town of Ballymoney and visit The Dark Hedges, the avenue of beech trees that will be familiar to the die-hard Thrones fan.

    Hawkins Middle School – Stranger Things

    ant more Stranger Things action? How about heading to the party’s school on the hunt for the Demogorgon?

    Hawkins Middle School was previously Patrick Henry High School, but was closed in 2015 due to the required upkeep of the ageing building.

    Don’t believe us?

    Check out the name painted on the side.

    The city of Stockbridge, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, is the spot to visit if you’re on the hunt for Eleven. Just watch out for any portals to the Upside Down, yeah?

    Monica & Rachel’s (and Joey & Chandler’s) Apartment Building – Friends

    How they managed to afford such a spacious flat slap-bang in the middle of Manhattan we’ll never know, but at least we can distract ourselves with a pilgrimage to one of the most famous apartment buildings in the world.

    If you recently binged the whole series on Netflix, why not pay a visit to the corner of Grove and Bedford where you can see the exterior of the apartment building in the flesh?

    Woodbury – The Walking Dead

    It’d be quite a sleepy town if it wasn’t for all the zombies.

    A place of unbearable tension and countless gruesome events, Woodbury is anything but peaceful.

    Known as The Governor’s local neighbourhood, you might be disappointed to learn that Woodbury’s real-world equivalent isn’t nearly as scary as you’d expect.

    Because a lot of season 3 was filmed throughout the town, zombie fans will get to see more than a few familiar sights by visiting Senoia in Georgia. If you head to Main Street, there’s lots to see, although considerably fewer walkers roaming the place.

    221B Baker Street – Sherlock

    Although you won’t be able to go inside (and if you got inside you wouldn’t recognise it anyway), the exterior of John and Sherlock’s flat looks almost identical to how it appeared on the show.

    And once you’re done admiring the architecture, head inside Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe for a bite to eat, and sit where our heroes did in A Scandal in Belgravia.

    Typing 221B Baker Street into Google Maps will take you to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but if you’re after the place featured on the BBC’s modern revival, you’ll have to head instead to 187 North Gower Street about 20 minutes away on the other side of Regent’s Park.

    The Beach Camp – Lost

    So far our list has comprised of a lot of different locations, but how about somewhere to catch some rays?

    The beach camp might not have been such a relaxing location for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, but it’s something of a paradise if you visit in the height of summer.

    Do a little bit of sunbathing, dig around for plane wreckage and watch out for polar bears!

    The show was filmed on location in Hawaii, so if you want to walk a mile in Hurley’s shoes, time to book a holiday to Police Beach in Oahu.

    Double R Diner – Twin Peaks

    If you love the mind of David Lynch, and were delightfully weirded out by season 3, maybe it’s time to make the pilgrimage to Twin Peaks’ most frequently visited eating establishment.

    The cherry pie is unbelievable and they do a damn good cup of coffee, so it may be worth booking your trip now.

    If you want to sample the coffee for yourself, head to 137 W North Bend Way, North Bend, Washington and you’ll spot Twede’s Cafe, which due to the Twin Peaks revival has been restored to its former glory following a fire back in 2000.

    Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe – Riverdale

    Netflix’s smash hit Riverdale surprised everyone when it launched to sparkling reviews, and it’s already on its second season.

    Now you can visit the teens’ favourite hangout in the form of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, a diner which is a little less all-American than the Archie Comics’ original, but still carries a certain dark and foreboding charm.

    If you want to visit this TV location for real, you’ll need to book a flight to British Columbia. Head to 32786 Lougheed Highway located in Mission, and you’ll spot Rocko’s Family Diner, which is recognisable as Archie, Betty and Jughead’s local haunt in all but name.

    Broadchurch – Broadchurch

    How about a famous TV location in the UK, rather than one that requires a nine-hour flight?

    The fictional town of Broadchurch is located on the south coast in Dorset, and the beach there is the perfect place to don a trench coat and have your photo taken while looking wistfully into the distance, just like Hardy and Miller.

    Although Broadchurch was invented for the ITV drama, West Bay on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is very real. The views can be astounding, and the entire coast takes you all the way to Exmouth in Devon.

    Sunnydale High – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Let’s finish with a classic TV location!

    Visiting a Hellmouth may not sound like anyone’s idea of a good time, but for fans of the Whedonverse it’s practically a rite of passage.

    The school, and Giles’ beloved library, took a hell of a beating during the course of the series, being overrun by monsters and demons, and was even blown up at the end of season 3.

    Luckily for us, the real building is still very much standing, and you can see it for yourself in Torrance, California.

    Unsurprisingly, this currently operating school is known as Torrance High (rather than Sunnydale) and you’d get in a lot of trouble if you attempted to stake anyone on school grounds, so it’s not recommended!