International Kissing Day 2019

    The humble kiss is something that probably doesn’t cross your mind very much, but isn’t it a bit of a strange phenomenon?

    To show someone we love them, we exchange millions of bacteria — doesn’t sound quite right!

    But it’s one of the most romantic things we can do with our partners, and it’s even got its own special day!

    International Kissing Day is a worldwide celebration of the humble kiss, in all of its many forms.

    International Kissing Day is celebrated on Saturday 6th July 2019 across the planet and aims to make us appreciate a kiss in its own right.

    No conventions, no social norms, just appreciation of the humble kiss!

    So let’s take a look into why we kiss, how to say kiss in almost any language, and some other interesting facts that could come in handy at your next pub quiz!

    1) How to Say Kiss in Other Languages

    LanguageTranslation Pronunciation
    Arabicقبلة (qibla)kubla
    Armenianհամբույր (hambuyr)ham-blu-ther
    Catalan besarbe-zar
    Chinese吻 (Wěn)wen
    Dutch kuskuss
    Greekφιλί (filí)feel-ay
    Hindiचुम्मा (chumma)choo-ma
    Japaneseキッス (Kissu)kiss-sue
    Khmerថើប (thaeb)towb
    Korean키스 (kiseu)kis-ser
    Macedonianбакнеж (baknež)bak-nej
    Malayalamചുംബനം (cumbanaṁ)chum-bana
    Marathiचुंबन (Cumbana)chum-boy
    Nepaliचुम्बन गर्नुहोस् (Cumbana garnuhōs)chum-wan
    Russianпоцелуй (potseluy)pot-sool
    Serbianпољубац (poljubac)pom-blu-bacs
    Sinhalaහාදුවක් (hāduvak)hine-wer
    Tamilமுத்தம் (Muttam)moot-tum
    Teluguముద్దు (Muddu)mud-doo
    Thaiจูบ (Cūb)thoo
    Ukrainianпоцілунок (potsilunok)pot-sil-um-nok
    It's interesting to look at how similar the word kiss is when translated into other languages. For instance, several European countries retain the basic pronunciation of the word, while in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia it's pronounced completely differently, but with similarities to each other.

    Arrange the words by translation or pronunciation to see these similarities more easily.

    2) Why Kissing is Good for Your Health

    So let’s talk about bacteria.

    A kiss actually transfers about 80 million bacteria between two mouths. But contrary to what you might expect, this exchanges is good for you!

    That’s because each kiss will introduce new bacteria to your body, strengthening your immune system in the process.

    And what’s more, kissing also stimulates your salivary glands, increasing production of saliva and helping to battle tooth decay.

    So kissing really is good for your health!

    3) The Kiss of Deaf 

    But there is a rare instance where a kiss can be extremely bad for your health!

    A woman from Zhuhai, China embraced her boyfriend in a passionate kiss which led to her eardrum being ruptured!

    According to the hospital consultant Dr Li: “The kiss reduced pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear.”

    Fortunately, the woman’s hearing loss was temporary, as the doctor expected it to revert to normal after around two months.

    4) Record-Breaking Kisses

    The UK record for the longest kiss was set on 6–7 July 2005 — the kiss lasted for 31 hours and 30 minutes!

    Meanwhile, the world record was set by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat on 12–14 February 2013. They kissed for a lip-smacking 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

    That’s some kiss!

    5) The Reason for the Eskimo Kiss

    The Eskimo kiss, where you rub your nose against another person’s, is loosely based on an Inuit greeting called a kunik.

    Many people believe the reason for rubbing noses is so that the cold weather doesn’t freeze the two participants mouths together, however in reality, it’s just because people tend to cover their mouths in cold climates like the Arctic.

    This tradition is also widely practised in Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Polynesian Islands, and the Maori tribe of New Zealand. 

    6) The European Greeting Kiss

    In many European countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia, it is customary for people to greet by kissing one another’s cheeks three times alternately, starting with the right cheek.

    This can often be a confusing tradition for foreigners, as they don’t know how many times to kiss and which cheek to start on, but keep to the standard above and you should be okay.

    7) Unusual USA State Laws on Kissing

    Some US states have unique kissing customs.

    For instance, kissing one’s wife on a Sunday is considered illegal in Hartford, Connecticut.

    For a man with a moustache to “habitually kiss human beings” is considered illegal in Indiana.

    And in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it’s a crime to kiss a stranger. That one might actually catch on!