Manchester Airport car park plan given approval

    English: Aerial view of Manchester Airport
    Aerial view of Manchester Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Councillors have approved plans to turn fields near Manchester Airport into a 9,000 space car park.

    The 70 acre car park will be in Wythenshawe, to the north-east of the airport.

    A number of residents had raised their objections to the plan, fearing a decline in property values, traffic congestion and loss of green views.

    Council officials backed the plans saying Manchester Airport was a catalyst for the North West’s regional economy.

    Manchester Airport said it was working with residents to “address any concerns”.

    Petitions containing more than 2,200 signatures were submitted to Manchester City Council objecting to the car park and concerns were also raised by 34 residents and a local residents association.

    They argued that they could be affected by noise from car alarms set off by aircraft and by people parking on streets to take advantage of the park-and-ride while avoiding the car parking charges.

    In a report to the council, planning officers said it was “unlikely” that would happen.

    The council recommended the proposal for approval on the grounds that it was “a vital component in the growth of Manchester Airport”.

    They also said it “will not have a detrimental impact upon residential amenity or highway safety”.

    The 24-hour airport car park will be sited between Styal Road, Ringway Road and Shadowmoss Road.

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