Manchester Airport Clamps Down on Airport Parking Cheats

    Manchester Airport is installing spy cameras that check registration numbers at their car parks after a huge surge in customers sneaking out of their airport car parks without paying.

    In one hour alone, staff spotted 27 drivers ‘tailgating’ behind other vehicles in order to get through the barrier without paying the £27 a day fee.

    Some drivers are going away for two weeks and not paying a penny for their airport parking.

    Manchester Airport made £51 million in 2008 – 2009 from parking fees and see this as a big threat to their income. To combat the problem they’ve teamed up with Parking Eye who track every car going in and out of the car park and every driver exiting the car park without paying will have to pay a £90 fee.

    Manchester Airport are adamant they’re not trying to punish customers, but rather to stop those motorists who park their cars on our premises and leave without paying the tariff for their stay. We want to be fair to all drivers parking at the airport so these new measures are aimed only at rogue drivers.

    Sarah Barrett, Manchester Airport spokesperson, said “This new project will allow us to spot them and ensure our parking charges remain consistent without hiking up the price for all.

    “We want to provide the best parking facilities for legitimate customers and the parking regulations are clearly displayed at the entrances around the car parks.”



    1. I Have No Sympathy Whatsoever.

      East Midlands Airport which is owned by Manchester Airport recently intoduced charges for cars merely dropping passengers off at the airport The same passengers who have already paid airports charges, landing fees,s etc. for services received. Passengers are the most essential part of the airport and should not be be ripped off for just turning up at the airport.
      As stated you have lost any sympathy I may have had with your problem, you are just as bad as ripping people off

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