Monarch Airlines – What to do now

    The accountants KPMG announced in the early hours of Monday that Monarch, Britain’s longest-surviving airline, had been placed into administration and that all further flights from the UK had been cancelled and would not be rescheduled.

    Monarch has gone into administration after failing to gain a renewal of its Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) from the Civil Aviation Authority. This meant it was no longer be able to sell Atol-protected holidays from midnight on Monday morning and, accordingly, just after midnight it announced it had appointed KPMG as liquidators.

    The Civil Aviation Authority said it had launched a programme to bring Monarch customers home over the next fortnight, chartering 30 planes for the rescue operation.

    All Monarch customers who are abroad and due to return to the UK in the next two weeks will be flown home at no extra cost and they do not need to cut short their stay, according to the regulator. But it said the “harsh message” was that 300,000 future bookings had been cancelled and anyone who had booked holidays leaving the UK would not be able to travel.

    What to do now?

    What if I have booked a package holiday with Monarch?

    If you bought a package holiday through Monarch while the licence was still in effect – up until midnight on Sunday – you will be Atol-protected. That means if you are abroad, you will be put on an alternative flight home with another carrier. If you are in the UK, you will be entitled to a refund.

    Flight only booked directly with Monarch Airlines from 15 December 2016 onward.

    Customers with these bookings are not ATOL protected and are not entitled to make a claim to the CAA. You are advised to contact your card issuer, insurer or PayPal for advice on how to claim a refund.

    Flight only booked on or before 14 December 2016 directly with First Aviation Ltd trading as Monarch Airlines

    If your flight was booked with Monarch Airlines on or before 14 December 2016 and you received an ATOL Certificate stating that your flight is protected with First Aviation, you are ATOL protected. Monarch are making arrangements for refunds to be made as soon as possible to these UK customers.

    Monarch will be making a claim form available soon. However they have advised, ‘Please do not submit a claim until advised to do so’.

    For further information please read how do I know if I am ATOL protected.

    How will I get home if I have a flight only with Monarch?

    It is possible that other airlines will step in and offer flights at discounted prices to Monarch’s flight only customers already abroad. Some travel insurance companies will cover the extra cost, depending on whether your policy offers cover for the collapse of an airline.

    Customers affected by the company’s collapse have been urged to check hte dedicated website advice and information on flights back to the UK. It also provides information for passengers that have future bookings with Monarch but are yet to leave the UK.

    What about your airport parking booking?

    Those who are travelling immediately please contact us so we can advise on your individual circumstance regarding your airport parking booking. 

    Those whose departure date was further in the future please delay calling for a couple of days to allow our customer service team to handle the enquiries from imminent travellers.

    We apologise if you haven’t received a reply to your email or been able to get through to our customer service team. We have been inundated with phone calls since Monarch announced their closure early Monday morning and so have been unable to get to the emails as quickly as we would like. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

    If you want to alter your vehicle details or flight details please follow this link 

    If you need to have your confirmation resent please follow this link

    Once again we appreciate your understanding through this difficult time.