US a ‘no go’ if your mobile phone battery is dead

    US restricts transport of portable electronic devices

    After taking advice from the United States Authorities, British Airways have announced that any portable devices being taken on journeys to the US will need to be charged.

    The move comes to further counter any threat of terrorism after a recent warning by Al Qaeda. Even devices bought in Departure lounge retail outlets and Duty free shops will need to be charged before they can be taken on board the plane.

    Turning on an electronic device helps security scanners determine that a laptop computer or mobile phone is a working device and that its batteries are not hidden explosives.

    The new electronic device battery flight regulations caused confusion at some airports this week. At Heathrow, airport staff had to advise customers turning up at security with flat batteries that they could go back to the departure lounge to try and charge them up or even post the device on to their destination!.

    The Government and some airports, including Heathrow and Manchester, gave out official advice on Monday, asking travellers to make sure devices were charged before they arrive at check-in. The message from BA was rather more forceful. It’s website states: “If your device doesn’t power up when you are requested to do so, you will not be allowed to fly to the US on your original service. Our customer services team will look after the rebooking of your travel arrangements.”

    You have been warned!


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