Not So Fast Food – Man Tries to Board Flight with Pet Turtle Hidden in KFC Burger

    Not so Fast Food

    This could be the most bizarre piece of travel news you’ve ever heard.

    A man has attempted to smuggle his pet turtle onto a flight by disguising it as a KFC burger. The man, who has been identified by his surname Li, was going through security at China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport ahead of a flight to Beijing when something strange was detected in his carry-on luggage.

    The ‘KFC burger’ was packed into his bag, but the X-ray machine picked up on some “odd protrusions” sticking out of the wrapper, It turned out those protrusions were turtle legs. Li had hidden his pet turtle inside a sesame seed bun and wrapped him up in a KFC package. Li wasn’t prepared to give up his ‘KFC’ that easy as he apparently shouted “There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” and “There’s nothing special to see inside.” Don’t worry Li, that will fool them !

    When he was asked why he had stuffed his live turtle inside a burger, Li said he didn’t want to be parted from his “beloved” turtle during his trip away. Airport staff explained to Li turtles were not allowed on the plane and the dejected passenger agreed to leave his pet in the temporary care of a friend.

    Strangely enough this isn’t  the first story of its kind, earlier this year a Vietnamese man had tried to sneak birds onto a plane by strapping them to his leg !

    Not so Fast Food