Here’s How to Connect Pokemon Go with Pokemon Let’s Go!

    Pokemon: Let’s Go is finally here, and that means we can live out our dreams of catching ’em all in our living rooms.

    Whether you’ve picked up Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! you’re in for an adventure, and one that’s made even more rewarding if you’ve put in the hours on mobile game Pokemon Go.

    That’s because you can connect the two games up and transfer Pokemon you’ve captured when out and about over to the Switch.

    It’s important to know that Pokemon won’t go straight into your collection, but instead will enter a sort of safari park, where you can keep an eye on them as well as try to recapture them for your party.

    That means you can’t just transfer across your most powerful Pokemon and beat the new game in a day. Instead you’ll have to level up to a point where you’re strong enough to capture the Pokemon within the park.

    Additionally, once you’ve transferred a Pokemon over to Pokemon: Let’s Go, you won’t be able to transfer it back, and certain Pokemon cannot be transferred over at all, such as most mythical Pokemon. So choose wisely!

    We’ve also included a guide on the best places in the world to find rare Pokemon, so you can increase your roster while you’re on holiday!

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    How to Connect Pokemon Go with Pokemon Let’s Go

    Before trying to connect the two games, make sure Pokemon Go on your mobile device is updated to the latest version.

    On Your Phone

    1. Tap the Pokeball.
    2. Open the settings menu.
    3. Scroll to and select the Nintendo Switch option.
    4. Tap Connect to Nintendo Switch.

    On Your Nintendo Switch

    1. Press X to open the pause menu.
    2. Press Y to open the settings menu.
    3. Click Pokemon Go.
    4. Select yes, you’d like to pair with Pokemon Go.
    5. Check the trainer it wants to connect with is you. If so, click yes.

    How to Transfer Pokemon Between Pokemon Go with Pokemon Let’s Go

    On Your Phone

    1. Tap the Pokeball.
    2. Select Pokemon.
    3. Select the Nintendo Switch icon in the top right corner.
    4. Long press to the select the Pokemon you want to send.
    5. Select yes, you do want to send these Pokemon.
    6. Select OK.

    On Your Nintendo Switch

    1. In Pokemon Go Park, speak to the reception and choose Bring Pokemon.
    2. Choose the area you’d like to send the Pokemon to.
    3. Select Pick Up.
    4. Select Yes, you wish to receive a Pokemon.

    Top 7 Pokemon Go Locations for Catching Rare Pokemon

    Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

    Pokemon Go Tips

    There are Pokémon popping up all over the place in Circular Quay, especially when thousands of Sydneysiders descend on the waterfront to join an unauthorised Pokémon Go Walk.

    Thousands turned up to spend the day playing the game together, with the Opera House gym a big draw.

    There are plenty of other spots scattered around The Rocks and the Quay as well.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

    Old meets new at this famous New York City landmark and we’re not even talking about the thousands of artefacts inside!

    Here you’ll find Zubats flying around ancient Roman sculptures, encyclopaedic collections, and antique weapons and armour from all around the world.

    Big Ben or Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom

    Is Big Ben a Pokémon gym? You betcha, and that’s not the only place!

    For a city littered with well-known historic buildings and monuments, almost every street corner is littered with PokeStops.

    One of these is the Savoy Hotel. Right by the entrance, you’ll be able to pick up some much-needed Poke Balls and other supplies.

    Central Park, New York, United States

    Pokemon Go Tips

    A popular tourist spot at the best of times, in the height of summer you can expect to find the leafy footpaths of Central Park crowded with budding Pokemon trainers.

    That’s because the park’s 800 acres of trees, lakes and statues make it a hotbed of activity for lots of different species of Pokemon, particularly fan-favourite Pikachu!

    There are also plenty of opportunities to stock up on lures and Poke Balls.

    State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

    Pink petals are falling all over the place in the city — but it’s not actual leaves falling, it’s just an abundance of Pokémon!

    Sightseeing and Pokémon Go can be an exhausting combination so take some time out and join the other players sitting on the library steps training up their Pokémon.

    And don’t forget to head inside to see real treasures like Ned Kelly’s armour and death mask!

    The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

    Pokemon Go Tips

    When in Rome (pun intended) you will not only spot the massive stone amphitheatre known as The Colosseum, but also Pikachu, Squirtle and Oddish!

    The city of Rome is crawling with Pokémon as both the young and old have given into the craze.

    Visiting the Colosseum, you will be able to capture yourself Espeon, Umbreon and Makuhita just to name a few.

    Disneyland, California, United States

    The Most Magical Place on Earth is practically a Pokémon breeding ground!

    From A Bug’s Land to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there are lots of lures to attract Pokémon all over the place.

    Elite players will make a beeline to the Sleeping Beauty Castle which is now a top-tier gym!

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