Pour Hum – Passenger Barred from Flight Because ‘He Smelled Bad’

    Image courtesy of PerfumeMaster.org
    Image courtesy of PerfumeMaster.org

    A French passenger claiming that he was prevented from boarding a flight at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport because ‘he smelled bad’, has filed a discrimination complaint against American Airlines.

    The Algerian-born man, known only as ‘Mehdi’, claims an American Airlines flight attendant approached him as he was about to catch a flight to Dallas and told him to ‘take a shower’, as both the crew and passengers had complained about his smell.

    The crew member added, ‘You’re with an American company, this is American territory and the captain has the right to refuse you. You will not be flying today.’

    The 27-year-old told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that he had previously doused himself in Dior perfume at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Duty Free shop.

    According to American Airlines the man had ‘visa issues’, but they would not comment further as they wanted to protect the passenger’s privacy.

    It doesn’t sound very Christian at all …


    1. I don’t understand your remark “it doesn’t sound very Christian at all …’

      What does his personal freshness / hygiene have to do with religion ?

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