Pre-Booking Airport Parking for Summer Can Save You More Money Than You Think

    Pre-booking your airport parking has always been important but at this time of year it’s more important than ever.

    Save more on Airport Parking by booking in March rather than waiting until July
    Save more on Airport Parking by booking in March rather than waiting until July

    By booking in advance, not only can you save up to 60% on the price of turning up at the airport, but you have peace of mind in knowing your airport parking space has been reserved and you are all set for your trip.

    But is there more to it?

    As you may already know, airport car parks always look to increase their prices during the peak months of the summer especially June, July and August. This has been an industry standard for many years, and in 2012 this shows no signs of changing.

    Knowing that prices are set to start increasing with some car parks raising their rates as soon as April, now is the best time to save some pennies by pre-booking parking at the airport.

    SkyParkSecure constantly check all parking prices and have detailed information on how much our customers paid during 2011.

    Let’s take Manchester airport as an example; the average a Manchester Airport customer paid to pre-book their parking during March 2011 was £33.02, that’s a cost of £3.79 per day.

    Compare that to July of 2011, where the average cost of pre-booking airport parking at Manchester had gone up to £44.09, increasing the average per day price to £4.47.

    In short, if the customer had booked their airport parking in March rather than waiting until July they would have saved approximately £11.09 (27%). Unlike other airport parking companies, these figures are representative of what the customer actually paid and not the saving on the gate price.

    With similar rises across all the UK’s main airports recorded last year, a trend that is set to continue during 2012, now really is the best time to book your airport parking.

    Notes to editors:

    All of the above data is based on actual booking numbers and costs paid by customers of during March and July 2011 for Manchester Airport. All prices shown are averages and exact prices vary depending on length of stay.


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