Why Do People Go On the Same Holiday Every Year?

    It always seemed strange to me that my parents return to the same resort in Tenerife year after year without fail.

    My next door neighbour Joyce drives to the same small village in the south of France three times a year without fail.

    And my friend Matt visits Orlando every two years or so to visit the same theme parks and do the exact same things.

    In fact, research shows that 91% of British people over 50 like returning to the same holiday spot each year.

    This kind of behaviour baffles me. With a whole world of experiences out there, why the hell would you choose to repeat the same activities every time you go on holiday?

    I couldn’t work it out, so I asked them. This is what they told me.

    1) Nostalgia & Fond Memories

    A reason I kept hearing from the people I spoke to is that revising a location brings back fond memories.

    My mum and dad visited Tenerife when they were younger, and now they can’t help but associate it with good times.

    “It’s significant to us in a way that nowhere else is,” my mum told me.

    Likewise, Matt went on his first holiday with Annie to Orlando, so it holds a special place in their hearts. It’s where he ended up proposing to her, and it’s eventually where they got married as well.

    “Our holidays to Florida seem more like returning home than when we get back to our actual home!”

    2) Say Goodbye to Stress & Anxiety

    For most people, a holiday is the chance to get away from the stresses of work and relax a little bit. But when you’re going somewhere completely new, it can end up being even more exhausting.

    “When I go back to France, I know exactly what I like doing, where I like going, and what to expect,” Joyce told me, “A break really feels like a break — it’s not tiring because you’re constantly trying to find new things to do.”

    While extreme sports and adventure holidays have their place, there is something to be said for taking a relaxing holiday where you know what to expect.

    My dad says he’s not a fan of constantly searching for the next big thing: “It’s all novelty, isn’t it? People always think there’s something bigger and better out there, but the most stressful thing I can think of is spending an entire holiday on your phone trying to find the best of everything when you’re only there for a week.

    “What’s wrong with getting to know somewhere over a few years and finding out what’s best yourself, naturally?”

    3) It’s About the Company, Not the Location

    Many would argue that the joy of a holiday isn’t in the place, it’s in the family or friends that you go with.

    I asked my Facebook friends why they might revisit the same holiday spot, and many people came back with a similar reason.

    “We like doing certain things,” Adam said, “We’re going abroad to enjoy the hot weather, do a bit of sunbathing, have a drink. I went to a dozen different places when I was younger, and one hotel in the Canary Islands was miles ahead of the rest.

    “I know that nothing will live up to that experience, so I’ll keep going back.”

    Laura said something similar: “I try and visit new places as much as I can, but every three years or so, me and my partner head back to Lagos. It’s the holiday where we get to switch off, enjoy the sun and give our brains and bodies a rest.”

    4) You Can Still Explore New Places

    The biggest reason to visit places all over the world is to explore new places, but Matt would argue that the rest of us are missing the point.

    “Ticking as many places of your list as possible is a great idea, but when you spend a week somewhere, you’re really only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

    “Chances are, you’ll do all the most touristy stuff, and then by the time you get a little deeper, it’s time to go home.”

    Going back to the same holiday destination can force you to look under the surface, and live a little more like a local.

    You’ll never see everything a place has to offer in a couple of weeks, but you might be able to get close in a couple of years.

    What did you think of the reasons given for revisiting a holiday destination? Did any of them manage to change your mind, or are you still at a loss? Perhaps you can think of some more compelling reasons yourself! Leave a comment below!