Shameless passengers can now be shamed

    Mess left behind on a planePlane travellers are being invited to send photos of passengers behaving badly in order to shame and humiliate the inconsiderate fliers.

    Passenger Shaming, is a Facebook page and the brainchild of New York based Sassy Stewardess, a self-titled ‘former cop, paramedic, stay at home mom and know-it-all doing this flight thing’.

    Fed-up flight attendants and passengers from all over the world can anonymously upload and share their images and comments to highlight the bad behaviour they have witnessed.

    The Passenger Shaming page has almost 200,000 likes and the number of images being posted is rising every day. The pictures being uploaded range from the relatively tame (people blocking other passengers view of the TV) to the disgusting (peeing in the sink).

    Feet seem to be a recurring theme, with passengers waving their feet in the air for no apparent reason and sticking them through seats and above seats.

    Another recurring theme is the awful mess some passengers leave behind them, including discarded wigs, toenail clippings, knickers and dirty nappies. Ewwww.