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    shutterbee app
    If the trip you are going on promises to be interesting, full of adventure or just something you’ll want to remember for a long time, you will want to have a good tool that will help you record your experiences.

    In this day and age the tool simply must be digital, as that lets you do so much more than keeping a paper journal. One good travel app that seems to offer the most features is ShutterBee. It is currently offered for iOS only, but I’ve found that it does pretty much everything I would want a travel app to do for me.
    shutterbee app    shutterbee app  shutterbee app

    You get your personal travel map where every country you’ve been to gets filled with color. You can add your past trips to get those countries marked on the map, then post photos and stories from your current trip, share the map and your posts with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and such. What I especially like about ShutterBee app is that it lets you create your posts in offline mode if you are traveling in remote areas with no network coverage. The posts then get queued for upload and get sent to your page when your iPhone catches signal. This way you can keep your family and friends up to date on your whereabouts and let them be part of your travel experience.

    A few smart ways to use ShutterBee App:

    See who’s posting from nearby and connect with them to make your trip more interesting or just to split costs on hiring cabs, guides, etc.

    Start a topic in Discussions about a destination you want some insider info on and get tips from locals and experienced travelers. You can also use Discussions to share fun stories from your travels, to make new friends or find travel companions. Although the app also lets you chat with others in private, I find myself using the Discussions tab more often to connect with other travel buffs.

    shutterbee appshutterbee appshutterbee app

    Set up automatic check-ins so that even if you have no time to create posts, your contacts will know where you are when you go on a big trip.

    There are actually a lot of ways you can use a travel app such as this one, and you may come up with a bunch of your own. I have found my perfect travel app in ShutterBee.

    Download Shutterbee App Here !

    shutterbee app