SkyPark Steve’s Airport Parking Promo Code 2020

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    Grab Your Promo Code now!

    SkyPark Steve is our trusty mascot, and since so many people seem to be searching for him to get this best deal, we thought it was high time we gave him his own Skypark promo code!

    If you’d like to get up to 30% off your airport parking at any major UK airport, simply use the SkyPark discount code COMPARE and instantly save!

    Save Money on Your Airport Parking in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Select your airport and travel dates.
    2. Enter COMPARE into the promo code box
    3. Click Search and your discount will be automatically applied.

    Can’t get much simpler than that!

    Gain an unbeatable quote on all major airport parking now, visit the SkyPark Steve booking page.

    All the best,


    1. Was looking to book my airport parking. Just noticed you have started to add “a booking fee”. Nothing worse than getting a price only to see more money added on.

      Sorry I will go somewhere else.

    2. Hi Mark,

      sorry to hear that you wont be booking with us but Our small booking fee covers essential administration and customer service costs.

      Kind regards,

    3. Totally useless voucher code! The price is exactly the same with or without it. Won’t be giving my business to a dishonest company

    4. Good morning Emma,

      I am sorry to hear you are struggling with the STEVESPECIAL discount code. We have checked and the code is still valid and useable on any page providing a minimum of 12% and maximum of 15% discount.
      If you are still struggling you can always call us on 0345 4599 250 and we will manually process a booking for you making sure to apply the STEVESPECIAL discount for you. I hope this resolves the issue you have been experiencing.

    5. HI. Nearly ready to book but notice Gatwick airport access fee will be supplied: Airport access fee will apply on leaving the airport. What is this and how much please? best regards

    6. Hi Steve we will be flying out of LHR T4, but may need to delay our planned return date. If we are booked on your meet and greet how would we handle any delay, let you know about it and then agree on the additional costs?



    7. Hi David, I can see that you are a regular customer of SkyParkSecure and we have your mobile number on our system. One of our customer service team will be phoning you shortly to help with your enquiry.

    8. Hi, I am wanting to book 45 nights in Edinburgh, But the promo states Edinburgh Official Plane Parking Value and then it says Free upgrade to on-site Long Stay – limited time only!,

      I am wanting to book either into the multi story or the terminal because i understand that the long stay car park, you have to use the bus transfer, Can you tell me if this is correct and what if i don’t want the free upgrade, where would i be parking my car?

    9. hi steve
      when i first looked at prices cheapest price for our chosen dates with meet /greet
      was £ 92 . cheapest price now with promo code £149. we are regular users of this service is there a
      better price to be had.our dates are drop car off at 1800 10/7 2016 collect car at 0100 30/7/2016
      best regards caroline ford

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