SkyPark Steve Starts His UK Tour at Manchester Airport

    SkyPark Steve with honeymooners at Jetparks 3
    SkyPark Steve with honeymooners at Jetparks 3

    Our main guy, SkyPark Steve is just as dedicated as we are to making sure your holiday gets off to the perfect start. Yesterday Steve started his UK Tour to meet and greet customers and check up on all the car parks offered on our web site.

    His first stop was Manchester Airport where he met a delighted couple about to start married life with a honeymoon in Cyprus – what better way to get your marriage off to a fly than a hug from Steve?

    Steve also made some new friends at Manchester Airport’s Aviation Viewing Park where he watched in delight as planes took off right before his eyes – it was a little worrying to see him more excited than the school children on a day trip.

    Steve will be visiting more and more airports over the coming weeks and will be giving more information on what he finds at the car parks.

    Yesterday Steve had the pleasure of inspecting JetParks 1, 2 & 3 and Shuttle Park at Manchester Airport. He reported that the security at these car parks is fantastic and the staff are very welcoming.

    Customers get to the airport in big comfy shuttle buses that seem to arrive in a never ending stream – no-one waited for more than a couple of minutes for a bus while Steve was there.

    JetParks 3 is the farthest from the airport but it is still only 5 minutes away in the bus so it may be the cheaper option from the JetParks range but it is a great official airport parking service from Manchester Airport.

    Watch out for Steve at more airports over the coming weeks – he may even have a gift for you.



    1. Well I think ‘Skypark Steve’ looks great! We have used SKYPARK on a number of occassions when we have been flying on holiday and we have always found them to be punctual, polite and…..they take good care of our car!!
      I haven’t met ‘Skypark Steve’ yet though….hope I do sometime!

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