SkyParkSecure’s Cool Stays – Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam

    You’re probably wondering how they managed to make this collection of suites look just like a crane. Well, the answer’s a lot simpler than you might think…

    The Resurrection

    A former construction crane operating on the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam since the 1950s, it fell into disrepair after its parent company went bankrupt in 1984. From then the crane’s future was uncertain until 2011 when work began on kitting it out as a luxury hotel — a resort in the sky! Just four years later, it officially reopened as the Crane Hotel Faralda.

    A Creative Hub

    Marco Keijzer

    The old shipyard where the crane is located is now a centre for creatives and artists, making it the perfect spot to visit for some inspiration. The crane even gently turns in the wind, offering guests a different view at any given moment!

    The owners of Crane Hotel Faralda proudly talk about the fact that it’s a hidden gem hiding in plain sight, which people can see for miles but without knowing what goes on inside. And with a panoramic lounge and spa pool to give you a breathtaking view of Amsterdam, we can’t think of a better way to look over the city. You can even check out a 360 tour of the hotel here.

    Mystique, Secrets & Free Spirits

    Denise Keus

    The three suites on offer each provide something a little different. The neutral and relaxing Free Spirit Suite is in stark contrast to the explosion of red, black and gold that adorns the Mystique Suite.

    Denise Keus

    And the split-level Secret Suite has also successfully shed its history as a machinery room to become a romantic and private love nest.

    Denise Keus

    “What Happens in the Crane Stays in the Crane”

    A private hangout in the sky, the Crane Hotel Faralda is the place to be, with clientele that includes DJs, company CEOs and even royalty. The appeal comes from the hotel’s privacy — there’s just one point of entry to all three suites, which can be monitored by the staff to ensure prying eyes and inquisitive fans don’t manage to get in.

    However, you don’t have to be royalty to stay at the Faralda. As you can see from the Trip Advisor reviews, anyone is welcome, but be sure to budget €450 per night minimum depending on the room and the dates you plan on staying, and expect to pay extra for use of the spa pool.