Spontaneous Weekend Breaks Abroad

    spontaneous weekend breaks abroad

    Ever dreamt of turning up at the airport and jumping on a flight to a far flung destination, on your two days off between board rooms, average coffee and canteen food?

    We’ve been keeping up with Jonny Goes Wild as he balances a full time job with some crazy adventures. Living in London the average day’s annual leave will cost you around £180, and those all important days off work are often best used to recoup and recharge on a beach somewhere – right?

    Not wanting to use his annual leave Jonny has put together a great selection of nifty weekend escapes for less than £130 – or, less than a slightly expensive night out in London. From 36 hours in the souks of Marrakesh, to escaping the buzzing city of Berlin for history, art and a night on the town, take a look at his top five suggestions for short cheap breaks abroad and perhaps you’ll be jetting off next weekend!

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    spontaneous weekend breaks abroad
    Historical city of Marrakech