Solo – Top 10 Places in the Star Wars Galaxy

    Another year, another Star Wars movie. And with this adventure starring everyone’s favourite smuggler, pilot and all-around well-travelled fella, we thought we’d run down our favourite destinations in the galaxy.

    Will you be visiting any of these spots this summer?


    Historically rather a barren and insignificant desert, as of late many people have taken notice of Tatooine due to its lively nightlife in the city of Mos Eisley.

    Chalmun’s Cantina is a particular highlight, frequented by many locals and travellers alike visiting to drink and watch the resident house band.

    Be sure to keep your valuables close-by — thieves and smugglers are rife in the area.


    If you haven’t quite had your fill of excitement, why not head over to the casino in Cantonica’s Canto Bight.

    Not for those who are short of cash, the casino includes a luxury hotel, a shopping concourse and 22 restaurants, so it could be one of the best places for a honeymoon.

    There are also regular races at the resort’s racetracks, just in case you haven’t lost enough money already!


    If the slopes of your usual snowboarding or skiing spot have become overcrowded, especially in the winter, you could do much worse than Hoth.

    Snowy all year round, you’re unlikely to bump into your neighbour on Hoth, so it’s perfect if you just want to get on with some skiing without being bothered.

    That being said, its climate can be unforgiving, so make sure you’re at home on the slopes, and stay indoors after dark.


    A must-see for fans of treehouse getaways, Endor is a lush forest landscape, once untouched by civilisation.

    There was a bit of government interference a few years ago when a huge generator was installed in the area, which has since made it prone to earthquakes and tidal imbalances, but that’s all part of the fun.

    WARNING: The creatures that inhabit Endor may look cute, but they’re actually quite vicious so try not to get too close!

    Yavin 4

    One for the history buffs among you!

    A long time ago one of the biggest battles in history occurred around Yavin 4, and the effects of this can still be seen today.

    As well as plenty of tributes to those who fell in the Battle of Yavin, and other artefacts of the time such as the rebel base, you’ll find plenty of temples that were part of a long-forgotten religion.


    A city in the sky! While natural beauty isn’t forthcoming on Bespin, the architecture is nothing short of astounding!

    Take a walk around some of the ornate hallways, look out over one of the many sky platforms for an unbelievable view, and then sit down to dinner with your family.


    Love the Lake District, but keen to see somewhere new? Then Naboo is the place for you!

    Rolling hills and beautiful lakes make up the landscape of Naboo, and there is also a rather chatty native population, although many consider these people to be something of an annoyance.

    The many animals found in Naboo are peaceful, however venturing into the ocean can be dangerous if you come face to face with an opee sea killer or sando aqua monster.


    If you are a keen swimmer, Ahch-To is a much better destination.

    This island paradise is quiet and peaceful, blissfully untouched by tourism (at the time of writing anyway). Take a dip in the incredible blue ocean before sitting yourself on top of one of the mountain peaks.

    If you’re big into meditation, yoga and ‘finding yourself’, there isn’t anywhere better.


    Had enough gambling, partying and extreme sports? Scarif is practically a tropical paradise, and one that your friends will be jealous of when they glimpse you there on social media.

    Chill out on the beach which is mostly unmarred (except for the ghastly Imperial Citadel Tower).

    There might be the odd skirmish while you visit, but for the most part it’s plain sailing.


    Actually, you’re probably best staying away from this one…