The Evolution of SkyparkSecure

    Every company that is around for a while reinvents itself at some point to keep ahead of their rivals. We all know the impact that this can have and we’ve seen it time and time again with companies such as Apple, Pepsi and Kodak – as you can see from the evolution images below.

    The evolution of the Apple logo
    The evolution of the Pepsi Cola logo
    The evolution of the Kodak logo

    Like all these companies, SkyparkSecure has continually evolved to make sure that we stay at the cutting edge of the travel industry. In the early days SkyparkSecure was a relatively small operation offering airport parking at Liverpool Airport.

    As the company quickly expanded to include airports right across the UK, our logo remained the same because, while simple, it summed up what we were about; simply offering airport parking at UK airports for customers jetting off on their holidays to somewhere bright and warm.

    But we were thinking of bigger things; we were discussing other services that we could offer our customers, we were thinking about how we could better serve our customers and as a result how we could present ourselves more professionally.

    We started to talk about our role in the travel industry and how we saw ourselves as not simply providing airport parking but as the people that you trust to make sure that your holiday or business trip gets off to the very best start.

    That best start means that you can trust us to look after your car properly and securely while you’re away, as if it were our own. Existing primarily as a booking agent, offering parking at car parks not operated by ourselves, we wanted to make absolutely sure that every car we parked was looked after properly and so we stepped up our efforts to ensure that no product available on our web site was operated in a manner in which we would not want to park our own cars.

    And so logo Phase 2 was launched along with a new web site in 2007.

    In 2009 we relaunched the web site again entirely in order to take us forward and put us at the very forefront of booking online. In a few weeks you will see that evolution come to a head as we bring you a brand new web site; loaded with excited options and possibilities, cementing the notion that to us, it truly is not just airport parking, but it is the start of your holiday.

    Our new logo gives us the possibility to bring you a much wider range of products; to offer you the chance to book any travel product you need with the people that you trust to get your holiday or business trip off to the best possible start.

    We will be offering you insurance, car hire, transfers and a whole host of other products, all under the SkyPark brand you trust.

    As we move towards the future we give you the new and exciting SkyparkSecure.


    1. when you do your log in
      form it should have a box to say hand bag only as on one journey I was waiting as I was so quick in early hours morning
      another trip I nip to the WC at airport and no bus waiting had to wait till people with suitcases came through about 5 minutes in cold not a problem as still under time limit but if driver had know I was coming he said would have waited for me

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