The UK’s best sledging spots if it snows this winter

    The UK's best sledging spots
    The amazing thing about sledging is that you don’t need to have a sledge. There are many ways to get down a snowy hillside. Dustbin lids and trays aside, there is one thing that is essential to this fun sport, and that is the snow. We are now heading firmly for winter, and the possibility of the ‘white stuff’ is falling. If we do get a whitish winter, where are the best hills to head for in the UK? Here is a quick rundown on some of the ultimate sledging spots.


    The UK’s best sledging spots don’t need to be in obscure out of the way regions. If you are living in the capital, then head to Primrose Hill where you can enjoy a day out on the slopes and some brilliant views of the city.

    The best places in the South
    Traditionally, the South Downs delivers the best sledging in the south, and the best place is called Lodge Hill. This is not far from Lewes. If this is too isolated for you, then near Brighton is the iconic Stanmer Park, which has broad slopes and free parking.

    The Midlands
    This region is not noted for its hills, but near Gloucester the Robinswood Country Park is famous for sledging and the inventiveness of the young local participants. They come down the slopes in fertiliser bags at the first sign of a snowflake.


    In Wales, you can go anywhere and find a hill to have sledging fun. The best location has to be the Storey Arms, which turns the Brecon Beacons into an improvised Ski resort when the snow comes. This place is ideal to take the whole family, but watch out for snowboarders and those snobbish skiers.

    The name Cold Fell in Cumbria gives you more than a rough idea of what it is famous for. The people of West Cumbria have been sledging here for generations. The hot spot, if you can get there, is situated between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge. You may need your snow chains for the car to enjoy this sledging paradise.

    The Lake District
    The UK's best sledging spots
    Some of the slopes here are long and a bit scary so choose carefully. The A 591 will take you to Dunmail Raise where it doesn’t get any better in the UK. What is so good about the Lake District is that you are almost guaranteed snowfall, and there are lots of fabulous hotels to stay.

    Think of Aviemore in Scotland, and you think skiing. This is, however, a brilliant place to bring your sledge. Here it is pretty advanced when it comes to winter sports activity, and you can even participate in dog sledging. The chances of snow are very high. I would recommend that you leave the fertiliser bag and tea tray at home, though. In Aviemore, they do take sledging rather seriously and will even give you lessons.
    Don’t underestimate UK’s best sledging spots, be careful, have fun and don’t forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows!