What is the worlds most powerful passport ?

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    Have you ever wondered what the worlds most powerful passport is ? Well now you can find out thanks to the Passport index www.passportindex.org

    The passport Index has been created to showcase, educate and inform the public on the power passports transcend on the holder’s identity, opportunity, mobility and overall quality of life. On the website you can see a live ranking of what are the most powerful passport to have.

    This is measured by : Global Passport Power Rank

    Passports of the world are sorted by their total Visa-Free Score, which includes visa-free and visa on arrival privileges. The higher the VFS score, the better global mobility its passport bearer enjoys.
    Individual Passport Power Rank

    No two passports are alike, hence why share a rank? The 2016 edition of the Passport Index introduces a unique ranking system, where each passport occupies an individual rank, based on their individual country and visa characteristics.

    Filtered Rank

    It has never been easier to rank passports based on their individual characteristics within a context of your interest. You can now filter by continent, region, industry and many more.

    Global Country Welcoming Rank

    Some passports command respect and visa-free access to many parts of the world. But how welcoming are they? Passport Index’ Country Welcoming Rank showcases the most and least welcoming countries in the world, ranked solely on the the number of countries they accept visa-free or with visa on arrival.

    The current leaders are Germany and Sweden which both have a VFS score of 158. The UK, France, Switzerland , Spain and Finland all come a close second with a VFS score of 157.

    The passport index also has a explore section where you can search any passport in the world and take a look at what it looks like, its super cool !