Things to Do in Barcelona: Best Attractions to Visit

    Planning a trip to Barcelona ? Well here at Sky Park Secure we’ve put together the best 3 day itinerary of things to do in Barcelona.

    From late night strolls down la Rambla’s to daytime sunbathing on the beach Barcelona has it all, so follow our guide to help cram in all the best attractions and must see’s in just 3 days.

    Our Guide includes.

    • La Sagrada Famila
    • Mercat de la Bouqueria.
    • The best Bars/Clubs.
    • The best Nearby Beaches.
    • Camp Nou.
    • Park Güell.
    • La Rambla.
    • Museu Picasso.
    • Montjuic’s Magic Fountain.

    DAY 1 

    First Stop – Mercat De La Bouquet

    The best place to start of your trip would be at Barcelona’s most central produce market. Situated on La Rambla’s the array of smells and explosion of vibrant colours spilling from the stalls will be sure to put you on the right tracks for a great trip. With Knowledge of La Bouqueria dating back to 1217 its safe to say it is now a tourist attraction in its own right, however locals still flock to the market every day. Some of the city’s finest restaurants even source there meat here. Grab yourself a bite to eat and you will be ready for the next stop !


    Second Stop – La Sagrada Famila

    Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona. The Antoni Gaudi masterpiece has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

    After Filling up on some of the best food La Bouque has to offer, one of our favorite things to do in Barcelona is to head over to the jaw dropping La Sagrada Famila. The Roman Catholic church Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí began construction in 1882. Gaudi said that his clients were ‘in no rush’ and he wasn’t wrong, the church is still not finished today and isn’t expected to be finished until 2026, 100 years on from Gaudi’s death. This however takes nothing away from its unrivaled beauty, there is no church building or building for that matter like it, it is truly amazing. A must see in any visit to Barcelona.


    top tip: Buy the skip the line tickets as La Sagrada Famila attracts around 2.8 million visitors a year and is the most visited monument in Spain.


    Third Stop – Razzmatazz

    Barcelona has a huge selection of places to choose from when heading out for the night, however our favourite here at Sky Park Secure is Razzmatazz. With 5 rooms to choose from its downstairs for indie and rock music but its crowing jewel is the loft room. This immense space with a banging sound system and superb atmosphere regularly hosts house and technos biggest names and you can see why as its perfect.

    top tip : for big names tickets will need to be booked online.


    DAY 2

    First Stop – The Beach 

    After a late night at your chosen venue why not get up a little bit later and relax on the beach. Barceloneta beach is in the traditional fishing district, this is one of Barcelona’s oldest and best-loved beaches. It has many surrounding bars and restaurants where you can grab some excellent tapas. If your looking to avoid the big crowds then go in search of Bogatell Beach, Bogatell Beach is a bit of a walk from Bogatell Metro Station – about fifteen minutes – but once you get there it’s cleaner and calmer than the Barceloneta stretches.


    Second Stop – Camp Nou

    The largest stadium of Barcelona from helicopter. Catalonia, Spain

    No trip to Barcelona would be complete without at trip to the Camp Nou. Home of the legendary Barcelona Football Club the stadium, built in 1957 and enlarged for the 1982 World Cup, is one of the world’s biggest, holding nearly 100,000 people. Take a tour and have a look in the dressing rooms, the bulging trophy room, walk through the tunnel or learn about the greats like Messi, Ronaldiniho and Maradona. If your lucky enough to be here on a match day then be sure to grab some tickets ( if you can ). Attending a game amid the roar of the crowds and watching some of the best players on the planet is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


    Third Stop – La Rambla

    Pavement mosaic by Joan Miro on la Rambla in evening. Barcelona

    Still some time left in the day to fit something in ? Take a stroll down La Rambla, Barcelona’s most famous street. La Rambla is a pedestrian boulevard crowed with many tourists untill the early hours, either side is filled with street performers showing a variety of different acts, buskers , mimes and living statues. Sit down have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and take in the scenes from this Catalan cultural epicenter.


    DAY 3 

    First Stop – Park Guell

    Park Guell by architect Gaudi in a summer day in Barcelona, Spain.

    Another of our favorite things to do in Barcelona is the Park Guell. Park Guell is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmen Hill. Guadi was originally instructed to build a miniature village of house for the wealthy but the project flopped and in 1922 the city bought the estate and opened it as a public park. Park Guell is a truly remarkable place and a must see if your heading to Barcelona, take a stroll around and be blown away by the beauty of the architecture on show such as the serpentine bench, Doric temple and the Hansel and Gretel gates.


    Second Stop – Museu Picasso

    Need a break from Gaudi ? Then the Picasso museum will be perfect. You would be crazy to come to Barcelona and miss out of this, the museum concentrates on Picasso’s more formative years but does give a good insight into his later and more known work. The collection, which includes more than 3500 artworks, is strongest on Picasso’s earliest years, up until 1904, which is apt considering that the artist spent his formative creative years in Barcelona.
    This is a must see and well worth long wait which you will have endured outside.


    Third Stop – Montjuic’s Magic Fountain

    Magic Fountain and National museum lights at night, Barcelona, Spain

    To end an unforgettable trip it has to be the magic fountain, designed by Charles Buigas and first shown at the Great Universal Exhibition in 1929 the fountain is still as magical today. A spectacular display of colour, light , motion , music and water acrobatics is sure to end your trip in style.



    Lets Recap

    Immerse yourself in all Barcelona has to offer from late night clubbing to checking out the city’s cultural gems, we hope you have a gained valuable knowledge of the best things to do in Barcelona  and remember for stress free airport parking book with Sky Park Secure !