The Top Tranquil Destinations Around the World

    The top tranquil destinations

    The end of winter is in sight, and that means one thing: it’s time to go on holiday! If you’re considering booking a break away, but aren’t sure where to go, then read on. By analysing several factors, from spas and yoga studios, through to beaches and air pollution levels, we’ve uncovered the most tranquil destinations in the world.

    Our Best 5 Tranquil Destinations

    We’ve taken a deeper look at the best destinations for tranquility. Here’s our top 5 – see if you agree…

    1. Crete, Greece
    2. Phuket, Thailand
    3. Dubai, UAE
    4. Marrakech, Morocco
    5. Tokyo, Japan

    So, if you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, read on to discover the best holiday destinations for you. Then, once you’ve booked your flights, don’t forget to lock in a great price for your airport parking, too!

    The top tranquil holiday destinations in the world

    Crete, Greece

    Greece’s largest island also happens to be the most tranquil destination in the world, with an impressive 227 beaches to lounge around on – more than anywhere else on our list. For peace and quiet, you can’t beat Agiofarago Beach, which you can only reach by boat or foot. Alternatively, if it’s golden sands you’re seeking, look no further than Elafonisi, which also boasts calm, shallow waters.

    But that’s not the only reason why Crete has come top. The island also has the greatest number of hotels offering yoga, at 115, as well as a staggering 1,944 hotels with pools – so you don’t even have to venture away from where you’re staying, if you don’t want to!

    Phuket, Thailand

    Known for its charming towns, glimmering seas, and breath-taking beaches, it probably comes as no surprise that Phuket’s named as the second most tranquil destination in the world. Choose from 1,258 hotels with pools, and 400 hotels with spas, so you can relax and unwind in the comfort of where you’re staying.

    Sunset, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

    Not only that, but Phuket offers 345 different nature and wildlife tours – the fifth most on our list. So, whether you want to visit Phang-Nga Bay and see the waters lit up at night with bioluminescent plankton or watch rescued elephants forage and bathe in the forest; there are loads of activities you can do to help you destress and live in the moment.

    Dubai, UAE

    In third place is Dubai; and while its lavish brunches, world-renowned pool parties, and luxury shopping malls might not initially spring to mind as relaxing; there are lots of other things the city can offer to help you feel tranquil.

    What you might not know is that Dubai has the second most number of nature and wildlife tours on offer, at 1,812 – so, you could go dune bashing in the desert one day, enjoy a camel ride another, and discover the pretty butterflies at the miracle garden.

    Once you’ve finished exploring the city, enjoy a relaxing sauna or yoga class – Dubai offers 441 hotels with spas, and 45 hotels with yoga classes.

    Marrakech, Morocco

    Just an hour and a half away from the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech can be crazily chaotic, with its winding streets, street vendors, and aromatic smells of spices. But it’s also a place where you can take a step back and unwind. With 1,081 hotels with pools, and 567 offering spas, you can make the place you stay your haven.

    Jamaâ El-Fna, Marrakech, Marokko

    And, Marrakech has the largest number of nature and wildlife tours, at 2,043 – several of which include visits to the looming Atlas Mountains. One other thing you should do in the city is visit Jardin Majorelle, which was restored by Yves Saint Laurent, and features a museum and quaint coffee shop.

    Tokyo, Japan

    Rounding off our top five most tranquil destinations is Japan’s capital, Tokyo. The city boasts the greatest number of spas, at 1,355, as well as the most bodies of water, at 38. Visiting an onsen (natural hot spring) in Japan is a must, and there are plenty to pick from in the city.

    Once you’ve had your fill of relaxation, it’s time to explore what the rest of the city has to offer – so, shop ‘til you drop in Harajuku, café hop at the many themed cafes, where there’s quite literally something for everyone, and head to the top of Tokyo Skytree to see some impressive city views.

    Whilst big cities might not spring immediately to mind when you think of a tranquil destination, the amenities provided can make you feel more relaxed.

    London, Bangkok, Istanbul, Playa del Carmen, and Hanoi all make up our top 10; with London scoring well as it has the most number of yoga and Pilates venues, at 117, as well as the fifth most number of spas, at 774.

    Tranquil destinations around the world

    The great thing about being in a city, is you can enjoy the hustle and bustle, and see the major tourist sights; but you can also just as easily escape back to your hotel and lounge by the pool or enjoy a massage at the spa.

    If we look at the key factors, we used to determine our tranquil cities; then if its spas you’re after, both Paris and New York City could be the perfect destinations for you, at 959 and 915 spas, respectively. Alternatively, if you love exercising during your holiday, then London and Barcelona offer the best opportunities for yoga and Pilates, with more venues than anywhere else on our list.

    If, for you, relaxation means vast beaches where you can sunbathe, swim, and snorkel; then in addition to Crete, why not consider Quebec, Lanzarote, or Rio de Janeiro? Sure, the weather may not be warm enough in Quebec year-round to enjoy a dip in the ocean, but if you head to Saint-Irénée, then you could be mistaken for being in Cape Cod, which is the perfect place for a seaside walk and picnic. For Rio, the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana are iconic, with outdoor restaurants and bars lining the sands, promising a party atmosphere.

    One of the other metrics we looked at was air pollution, with clean air a key factor of tranquillity. While none of our overall top 10 scored well for air quality, if this is top of your priority list, then Sante Fe in New Mexico could be your ideal destination. It scored just 10.71 for air pollution, and is home to Canyon Road, which is famed for its galleries, art studios and shops, as well as a great craft brewery scene.

    Other cities that had the lowest levels of air pollution include Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Vigo in Spain, Stockholm, and New Zealand’s Christchurch – so no matter which content you’re planning on visiting, there are plenty of opportunities for some rest and relaxation!

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