The Travel Expert’s Guide: Christmas Gift Ideas for Somebody Who Loves to Travel

    It’s that time of year again when you have to start racking your brain for ideas of what to get the loved ones in your life for Christmas. Often the travel lover is the hardest to buy for, but don’t panic if socks and underwear are out of the question this year as SkyParkSecure has your back. We asked the travel experts what they would like for Christmas so you can get the right gift for the traveller in your life!


    Monica Stott
    Travel Writer, The Travel Hack

    “What I’d really like for Christmas is a voucher to spend on travel. The only thing I really ever want is to travel more but buying me a holiday for Christmas is usually out of the question so a voucher for a hotel chain or a hotel booking website or to be used with a specific airline would make me very happy!”


    Travel Writer, Eternal Arrival

    “My favourite travel item by far is the Photive external battery. I’m always traveling in places with inconvenient power point access points or forgetting to charge my phone overnight, so it’s a godsend for when I wake up the following morning with a dead or nearly dead phone. When fully charged, it can charge an iPhone up to seven times, and it’s small and lightweight.”


    Arianwen Morris
    Travel Writer, Beyond Blighty

    “When choosing a gift for someone you know who loves to travel, the most important thing to remember is this: if it’s not useful, they’ll probably never use it. Whether they’re carrying a backpack over countless borders or trying to stay within airline cabin weight limits, your friend will have to be extremely choosy about what to pack.

    You might not realise it, but some of the best gifts weigh absolutely nothing! You could pay for cloud storage so your friend can back up all of their photos, or a VPN subscription so they can make secure transactions while on public networks. Failing that, brilliant and innovative products are being crowd funded all the time. Some of the ideas I’ve read about recently include a robotic suitcase, ear buds that translate languages, and a hovering camera for taking selfies. For a list of my top recommended gifts for travellers this Christmas, head on over to my blog. I’m even giving one of them away!”


    Neil Barnes
    Creator & Editor of Backpacks & Bunkbeds

    “It’s not often I choose material over memories, but having just bought a new home I would dearly love a few travel related items to decorate the place with this Xmas, starting with a few of these …

    1. Set of 3 airport tag prints – IKEA
    2. Cork globe – SUCK UK
    3. World map as train lines – Esty


    Macca Sherifi
    Creative producer & presenter

    “Whenever we travel Brianna and I always make sure we pack a comfortable eye mask. No matter where you are in the world, you’re bound to want to catch some ZZZ’s, especially hanging around an airport or on a plane, and an eye mask can be the difference between sleeping for a few minutes and a few hours. Also, make sure you get one that’s soft and comfortable; the cheap ones you get for free a super scratchy and you’ll wake up with red lines all over your face!”

    Anna Lysakowska

    Travel Blogger & Influencer

    “Packtowels – I recently discovered a genius idea which are packtowels. When I occasionally stay at hostels between different hotels I was always forgetting to pack a towel. A regular sized towel would also take a lot of space, but microfiber towel is tiny.”

    “Also a Life Straw Bottle, LifeStraw is best known for its advanced filtering technology, which will get rid of 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and bacteria. Whether you want to save some money on bottled water, or heading into the wilderness, Lifestraw bottle with the filter can save you.”


    Travel Writer & Blogger

    “We’d love to recieve some of Pat’s Backcountry Beverage’s Pale Rail. When we travel we love to get out and explore the natural beauty in the areas we visit.  But there is one debate that comes up time and again: Do we really want to lug heavy bottles or cans of beer to the top of that mountain (or more recently, volcano)?  We always want a beer when we reach the top, but the thought of excess weight is just too much.  These bad boys take the hassle out for sure.”


    Blogger & Travel Writer

    “If money was no object I would love a vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk! But the perfect stocking filler would be a J-Pillow, my favourite travel pillow. Which I keep leaving on planes”

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Somebody Who Loves to Travel

    Becky Padmore
    Blogger & Travel Writer

    “Something that I know would be a very useful gift for travellers would be a portable roaming hotspot. I particularly love the cute retro design of the GlocalMe Portable Free Roaming hotspot and I would put this one on my Christmas wish list. As a blogger it’s really important to stay connected while travelling and a handy gadget like this means that I could stay connected wherever I would roam. I would only ever pay for the data I used too, thus avoiding those horrible and potentially huge roaming charges!”


    Blogger & Travel Writer

    “It’s that time of year when we are being asked, or are asking fellow travellers what they would like for Christmas, or harder still trying to buy something as a surprise! Hopefully these suggestions will help with your decision on what to buy!  Firstly, a microfiber travel towel set is a must! You’re off on a cheeky weekend getaway to somewhere tropical and you’ve booked carry-on baggage only, then you realise you don’t have room to pack your beach towel… these microfiber towels are perfect, they fold down to nothing, super light and quick drying. Other items we use are packing cubes and electronic organiser / tech dopp. But now for the good stuff… we don’t leave for a holiday without our GoPro and GoPro accessories and of course our Bose wireless noise cancelling headphones! Depending on your budget, there is always something for everyone!”


    Becky Wiggins
    Travel Writer, English Mum

    “I think this year’s must have present is going to be Bluetooth headphones, especially as the new iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a headphone jack.  If I’m splashing out, it will be a Bose set (I prefer over ear and noise cancelling when I’m flying) but you can get an Apple set with a lightening connector quite cheaply. Other gorgeous presents for travel buffs include a luxe cashmere scarf for when the cabin gets chilly (check out for gorgeous cashmere) and you can’t beat a proper magazine to leaf through so a subscription to Red Magazine gets my vote.”


    Gretta Schifano
    Travel Writer & Blogger

    “I love reading, and I always take my Kindle with me when I travel. It’s a basic model and is a few years old, and so for Christmas I’d love a Kindle Voyage because it has a lit display and an ambient light sensor, which would allow me to read in all levels of light.”