Travellers Visiting South East Asia Warned of Approaching Cyclone

    South_east_asia_topographic_mapVisitors to South Korea, southern Japan and eastern China, are being warned that a cyclone could hit the region later this week.

    The cyclone is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and flooding from Friday and into the weekend.

    Currently the cyclone is developing to the east of the Philippines and current forecasts are that it will move north-west, between Taiwan and Okinawa from Thursday into Friday before advancing further north-west over the weekend.

    A second tropical storm, Halong, is also brewing to the east of Guam, which could hit Japan with heavy rain and damaging winds next week.

    A spokesperson for US-based said: “As this cyclone tracks northward late this week and early next week, the potential exists for rapid strengthening and a Halong could become a very dangerous and powerful typhoon prior to reaching Japan.”