Which Type of Airport Parking Should You Choose?

    Booking airport parking isn’t always as simple as it seems. One of the most important factors for getting a good deal is to make sure the car park you’re booking actually suits your needs.

    Booking a car park which doesn’t suit your needs could end up making the start of your holiday way more stressful than it needs to be. If you’re on a tight budget the last thing you want is to pay extra just to be closer to the airport. Or if your travelling with a family and heavy luggage you might need a service that’s more convenient and allows you pull up right outside the terminal.
    With this in mind SkyParkSecure has put together a short quiz to help you decide which type of airport parking is best for you, so you can get your holiday off to the best possible start.

    Plus, after completing it you can get a discount code that will get you up to 35% off your booking!