The Craziest Flight Attendant Stories!

    The glitz & glamour of being a flight attendant is something to be jealous of, right?

    Not according to this Quora question page!

    Or these passenger shaming Twitter, FacebookInstagram pages (Beware…horrible pictures of people’s toes poking through seats are waiting!).

    We were so shocked after reading some of the entries we decided to round up the absolute craziest flight attendant stories.

    Let’s start with a weird one…


    Never Work with Children…

    Many parents seem to think that their responsibility for their offspring is magically removed at the departure gate.

    One parent — spotting that their child was about to vomit — pushed them through the curtains into business class so they would be sick on the floor there.

    One flight attendant even recalls having to brandish a baby above her head and yell, “Whose baby is this?” in an effort to identify the parents.

    weirdest things flight attendants have ever seenAnd pity the poor attendant who was called by a passenger to clean up their child’s poo in the aisle!

    Of course, not all parents expect the flight crew to look after their children’s toileting needs.

    Plenty of parents will drop the snack tray and use it as a changing mat for a baby with a dirty bottom.

    You might like to think of that the next time you get served an airline meal….

    weirdest things flight attendants have ever seen

    Some people’s definition of a baby can cause a few problems and end up among the weirdest things flight attendants have seen.

    One flight attendant had to stop a woman from breastfeeding on the flight.

    You might side with the passenger until you learn that it wasn’t a baby she was feeding, but her cat!

    Yes, seriously.

    And this is apparently not an isolated incident. The indignant responses to the flight attendant usually include “But I’m just feeding my baby”.


    …Or Animals!

    Lots of people find it very difficult to fly without someone (or something) to give them confidence.

    Emotional support animals are becoming increasingly common. But the prize for most unusual travelling companion has to go to the lady who couldn’t contemplate flying without her emotional support turkey.

    Yes, turkey.

    As in the bird.

    It turned out that she had rescued the bird as a chick after her husband’s death and had found that the growing turkey provided her with great comfort.

    So when she went to visit her husband’s brother and family at Christmas, she arranged for Easter the turkey to come with her. It was transported through the airport to the departure gates in a wheelchair, then brought on board.

    weirdest things flight attendants have ever seen

    Let’s hope Easter didn’t see what was for Christmas dinner!

    One Man’s Meal…

    Apparently, some people prefer to make their own meal rather than put up with the in-flight meal provided.

    For example, there are those who think a good way to make soup is to use the airline water, blissfully unaware that the water lines aren’t cleaned.

    It’s almost like the airline didn’t know passengers might want to make a quick Cup-a-Soup while on board!

    Another passenger complained that the Coke he was served wasn’t big enough to make him burp properly.

    Another traveller repeatedly shouted to the nearest flight attendant for water. When the attendant pointed to the overhead button next time he needed assistance, he acknowledged this, and all seemed well.

    Until the flight attendant went to respond to his service call and saw him stood up with his mouth round the air funnel next to the button, eagerly pressing the button in an attempt to get the water to come out.

    And then there was the passenger who insisted that her dinner had a bad potato in it. The flight attendant politely explained that there were no spare dinners on this particular flight, so she would have to put the potato aside and just eat the rest of the dinner.

    The passenger was not having this and continued with loud complaints, so a senior member of the flight crew was called over to talk to her.

    weirdest things flight attendants have ever seen

    He asked her what the problem was and she pointed at the potato and said, “Bad potato!”

    At this point, the attendant speared the potato, wagged his finger at it and said, “Very bad potato! Naughty potato!”

    He then carefully put the potato back on the passenger’s plate and told her, in his most reassuring voice, “I think you’ll find you get no more trouble from that particular potato.”

    Maybe the flight attendant was the one acting crazily in this instance.


    Passenger Shaming

    So the next time you get on a plane, make sure you’re not the weirdo who’s going to feature on a passenger shaming account.

    It’s a stressful job and these accounts are one way for flight attendants to get their own back on you!

    Have you got a weird or wonderful story from your travels? Why not let us know and we can feature it on the blog!