What the Car You Drive Says About You

    A car has always been something of a status symbol. Whether you strive to drive something flashy and expensive, wash and polish it every other weekend, or just use it as something to get you from A to B, the car you drive says something about you.

    So we’ve had a look at countless studies on YouGov to see what common threads there are between owners of certain car brands, and you might be surprised at the results!

    What Your Car Says About You

    Select your car brand below to find out what your car brand says about your personality.

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    1) Audi2) BMW
    3) Citroen4) Ford
    5) Fiat6) Honda
    7) Hyundai8) Jaguar
    9) Land Rover10) Lexus
    11) Mazda12) Mercedes
    13) Mini14) Nissan
    15) Peugeot16) Renault
    17) Seat18) Skoda
    19) Vauxhall20) Volkswagen


    • Hobbies: Exercise, sports, cycling
    • Profession: Consulting, business or transport
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    If you’re in a relationship with an Audi driver, prepare to be swept off your feet as they’re known for being leaders and doing spontaneous things. However, this also turns them into hyperactive sods at times, as well as being a bit grumpy.

    Although as an Audi driver you’re more likely to be outdoors doing something active, when you stay at home to watch a bit of telly, it’s likely to be something based in truth like Spotlight or financial crisis biography The Big Short. However, you also have a high-octane streak in you (what with your love of fast cars), so you might be caught tuning into Top Gear, Fast & Furious 7 or Taken 3.

    On your car stereo, you’re most likely to be playing modern hip hop or R&B like Kendrick Lamar, Tinie Tempah or Jason Derulo. Or if there’s no one in the car to laugh at you, a bit of Taylor Swift.


    • Hobbies: Cycling, computer programming, DIY
    • Profession: Consulting, business or real estate
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    You’re a born leader as a BMW driver, challenging the status quo and providing constructive solutions to problems. However this confidence is seen as arrogance by some as you come off as demanding and intolerant of others’ ideas.

    In the cinema, you’ve no time for quiet dramas — it’s all about action, both from classics like Leon and newer blockbusters The Equalizer and Creed. On the small screen, you’ll tell your mates you’re into Top Gear and Speed with Guy Martin, but you’d sooner turn over to First Dates and Derek on Channel 4.

    You’re a rock fan, although some of your playlist choices verge on dad rock. Your favourites include Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi.


    • Hobbies: Gardening, DIY, Board games
    • Profession: Home and garden, fashion design or telecommunications
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    You’re a straightforward type that’s adaptable to a number of social and work situations, while still retaining the outward confidence to get your point across when you need to. But you can be a little self-conscious at times, which can lead to you seeming gloomy, and you can sometimes get a bit heated if someone can’t see your point of view.

    You pretty evenly divide your time between realism and escapism. When you’re settling in the evening, you like to stay up-to-date with the latest BBC News and Sky Sports News, but when you’re browsing through Netflix, you gravitate towards fairytales (Cinderella, Into the Wood) and kids’ films (Shaun the Sheep, Spongebob Squarepants).

    You’re an old soul when it comes to music as well, favouring Brenda Lee, Kenny Rogers and…The Wurzels?


    • Hobbies: Gardening, travelling, DIY
    • Profession: Accounting, engineering or manufacturing
    • Favourite supermarket: ASDA

    You’re well-balanced, dependable and always punctual, but this inherent reliability can make you seem proud or disinterested in others. Conversely, you also have a sentimental streak within you.

    You can most often be found watching the latest superhero film or TV show, such as Deadpool, Gotham or Arrow, or a sci-fi blockbuster like Jurassic World. However, you’re a bit of an old soul as well so it wouldn’t unusual for you to switch on The Bridge on the River Kwai or Strictly Come Dancing.

    On the CD player have all the early 2000s big hitters, from Craig David to Victoria Beckham, but you’ve also got a big appreciation of Wizzard, even when it’s not Christmas.


    • Hobbies: Performing arts, reading non-fiction, knitting
    • Profession: Law, telecommunications or police/emergency services
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    As a lover of the police and the law, you’re an extremely ethical individual, who always likes to be on time, but you also have an idiosyncratic edge to you. That said, you can be quite self-conscious, and a little bit forgetful and disorganised at times.

    When it comes to movies, it’s sci-fi all the way for you, with some of your favourites being The Amazing Spider-Man, District 9 and The Martian. But even when you settle down to watch a comedy, your geeky roots remain, so it’s always something like Red Dwarf or The Big Bang Theory if there’s nothing else on. And we know you watch Love Island as well, but we won’t tell anyone.

    You love staying up-to-date with the Top 40, so that means plenty of Taylor Swift, Rita Ora and David Guetta, but when the mood strikes you can’t beat a bit of Jefferson Airplane.


    • Hobbies: Gardening, bird watching, baking
    • Profession: Property, home and garden or consulting
    • Favourite supermarket: Sainsbury’s

    You’re a confident person as a Honda driver, but you also manage to be encouraging and compassionate, raising up those that surround you. However, in spite of this positive presence, you also have a reputation for being scatty, dizzy and a little bit silly.

    Your film tastes are wide-reaching, to say the least. Honda drivers are likely to rate the following films highly: Snoopy and Charlie Brown — The Peanuts Movie, The Godfather Part III, 12 Angry Men, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Wowzers. Thankfully your TV interests are a little more consistent and steeped in factual accuracy. Antiques Roadshow, Antiques Road Trip, Canal Walks with Julia Bradbury and Tales of Northumberland with Robson Green are your absolute favourites.

    But when it comes to making a Spotify playlist, you split your time between dance-pop (Daft Punk, Clean Bandit) and strong, independent female vocalists (Gladys Knight, Duffy).


    • Hobbies: Gardening, computer programming, bird watching
    • Profession: Home and garden, translation and interpreting or consulting
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    You’re considerate and homely, but also know when to put your foot down. This strong will can rub people up the wrong way, however, and can make you seem proud or smug. You’re also a little easily distracted at times.

    You’re interested in police dramas and mysteries, whether that’s procedurals like DCI Banks, comedies like Death in Paradise, or spy thrillers like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. You also put a lot of value on learning from history — with things like Call the Midwife or The Sound of Music — but your love of Planet Earth and Educating Cardiff show you want to create a better world going forward

    You’re old at heart, even if not in reality, and you long for real music — none of this pop rubbish that’s on Radio 1. Your CD collection includes Showaddywaddy, The Walker Brothers, B.B. King and Kenny Rogers.


    • Hobbies: Model building and collecting, DIY, drinking
    • Profession: IT, police and emergency services, or architecture and interior design
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    A sociable and gregarious person, you love to be amongst people, particularly if you’re taking charge, and your educated background helps you to accomplish just that. However, your demanding nature can come off as arrogant and cantankerous in the wrong light.

    You prefer films made in or about the good old days, such as Brassed Off, Invictus and Driving Miss Daisy, however you also love to learn so you can’t miss an episode of University Challenge. To relax and unwind, you treat yourself to a bit of TFI Friday or Peter Kay’s Car Share, but never mention this to your friends.

    Music’s never gotten better than it was in the 70s, you often think as you flick through your collection of Rod Stewart, Dire Straits and Rolling Stones records.

    Land Rover

    • Hobbies: Hiking, DIY, looking after pets
    • Profession: Agriculture, mining and quarrying or real estate
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    A confident and practical leader, people not only follow you, but do so gladly. However, your headstrong nature can seem demanding and unreasonable at times.

    Your likelihood of living out in the countryside increases since you drive a Land Rover, and that shows your movie tastes, which favour horror and gore. Deliver Us From Evil and The Passion of the Christ are bad enough, but when you enjoy The Forest, a horror set in a secluded area, you’re a real masochist! On the small screen, you’re more prone to a documentary about the good old days, whether that’s Andrew Marr’s History of the World, War and Peace and Meet the Ukippers.

    Your car’s CD collection is far-reaching, including pop bangers from Fergie and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, to the American blues of Seasick Steve.


    • Hobbies: Drawing, choral singing, writing
    • Profession: Finance, law or construction
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    You’re a perfectionist who wants the best out of both yourself and those around you, but you’re sympathetic and forgiving when things don’t go to plan. That said, you can get confrontational if someone rubs you up the wrong way.

    You love to keep up-to-date on common affairs, so you watch BBC News every night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax with some classic childhood TV like The Muppet Show. When you take a trip to the cinema, it’s a thriller you prefer, from Basic Instinct and Raiders of the Lost Ark, to The Bourne Supremacy and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    A fan of 80s synth and pop, your music tastes include The Communards, Deacon Blue and Phil Collins, but you’ve been known to rock out in your Lexus to AC/DC as well.


    • Hobbies: Spending time with your partner, gardening, playing music
    • Profession: Marketing, research and development or government
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    Your principles mean everything to you, as your highly analytical nature means you’re usually right. You also have an irreverent streak in you, and tend not to take life too seriously. That said, you’re known for being a little intolerant and impatient at times, and can become argumentative when provoked.

    You just love a bit of drama, don’t you? I don’t mean in your real life, but you love to sit down with a film like The Shawshank Redemption (who doesn’t?) or The Theory of Everything. Your interest in gardening makes Gardeners’ World one of your favourites and between episodes of Outnumbered and Lewis you like to revisit your childhood with Thunderbirds.

    Rock through the ages is your music bread and butter. From the classics like Pink Floyd and The Doors to more modern acts such as Royal Blood and The Libertines, you love to get sweaty in the pit. And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about that Il Divo CD in your Mazda.


    • Hobbies: DIY, theatre, buying and selling online
    • Profession: Business, engineering or property
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose

    You’re organised and analytical when you’re at work, but that doesn’t mean you’re not good company when you clock off — people love to go for a beer with you. However, your organised nature means you can come off as impatient for others that are less organised, and you’ve been accused of arrogance more than once.

    Historical war tales really interest you — suspenseful films like Bridge of Spies of course, but even less favoured, more fanciful movies like Pearl Harbour. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t make the leap to things like Star Trek Beyond or Suicide Squad when the mood strikes. You also love having a laugh in the evening, so your boxsets of 3rd Rock from the Sun, A Bit of Fry and Laurie and Death in Paradise are on firm rotation.

    When people ask about your music tastes and you say “A bit of everything,” you’re not lying. From singer-songwriters James Taylor and Robert Plant, to classic Carpenters or jazz-funk outfit Jamiroquai, you’ll give anything a spin.


    • Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, live music
    • Profession: Property, marketing or law
    • Favourite supermarket: Waitrose or Sainsbury’s

    You’re firmly loyal to your friends and family, but you also know how to be strong and independent. You’re a perfectionist, which can be good in the right situation but can also come off as being selfish or uptight.

    You love Love Actually, you don’t hate 10 things I Hate About You, and you’re proud of watching Pride and Prejudice. Basically you love a romance. But you’ll also flick on a bit of reality TV once in a while. Not TOWIE or anything, but a nice slice of The Great British Bake Off or The Undateables.

    Your favourite radio station to listen to on the way to work is Radio 1 as they’re always playing something catchy and upbeat. You’ll never turn down anything from Nicole Scherzinger, Sam Smith, The Killers or The Lumineers.


    • Hobbies: Reading, looking after pets, going to museums and galleries
    • Profession: Entertainment, manufacturing or government/civil service
    • Favourite supermarket: Marks and Spencer

    As a Nissan driver, you’re well-educated while being thoughtful and compassionate to those around you. However, you do have a bit of a reputation for being dizzy or forgetful, and you can be blunt without realising sometimes.

    You’re a curious individual aren’t you? You thrive on enjoying films which others simply don’t. Favourite sci-fi film? Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace of course, the one that started riots at the dawn of the millennium. People may enjoy the Toy Story trilogy, but you prefer Ice Age. You’re the only person who’s watched The Sixth Sense more than twice. You think Mel Gibson’s Scottish accent in Braveheart is really good. Apart from that, you want nothing but reality from your television watching, whether it’s The News at 10, Prime Minister’s Questions or Sussex police documentary Cuffs.

    The radio is full of absolute rubbish, you’ll stick to your CD collection thank you very much. If it has anything to do with Jeff Lynne, Marc Bolan or Ian Anderson, you’re in.


    • Hobbies: Spending time with family, watching live music, pub quizzes
    • Profession: Entertainment, transport or translation
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi or Lidl

    You’re a hard worker and you’re widely known for being competent and reliable both at work and in your friendship group. However, other people’s incompetence can make you seem miserable, proud and impatient.

    You love watching a bit of harmless trash TV, from Love Island and You’re Back in the Room to Supersize vs Superskinny. A night out to the cinema normally consists of a drama like Whiplash or Room, or something a little fanciful like Star Wars or the recent Ghostbusters remake.

    You love Katherine Jenkins and The Three Tenors, but your classical tastes are also complimented by pop hits from Madonna and John Lennon.


    • Hobbies: Painting, fishing, playing music
    • Profession: Travel and hospitality, construction or telecommunications
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    You’re knowledgeable, principled and independently-minded, so people always turn to you when they’re in a jam. But your attention to detail can sometimes border on obsessive, and you’ve been accused of being nerdy or boring on occasion.

    From your TV and movie tastes, it seems like you have two obsessions. Your love of Fifty Shades of Grey, American Pie 2 and Grease show an interest in risqué romances. While your love of Making a Murderer, Better Call Saul and Hannibal shows an interest in…something a bit more worrying!

    You’re a pop lover through and through, with particular attention paid to the like of Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and David Guetta.


    • Hobbies: Watching live music, drinking, sitting around doing as little as possible
    • Profession: Transport, IT or accounting
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    As a Seat driver, you’re known for being reliable but also a little bit alternative, with an upbeat, geeky aesthetic. However, your individuality can lead to people seeing you as hyperactive, tactless and even a little bit grumpy at times.

    You love a laugh, which is why you can often be found watching The Inbetweeners 2, Cool Runnings, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The IT Crowd or Family Guy. But you like to compliment this lightheartedness with a bit of gore from Goodfellas, The Dark Knight Rises and…24 Hours in A&E?

    Your music tastes range from pop to rock starting at Meghan Trainor, up to Snow Patrol, a little bit further to Imagine Dragons and finally arriving at Guns N’ Roses.


    • Hobbies: Gardening, bird watching, photography
    • Profession: Engineering, research and development or energy and utilities
    • Favourite supermarket: Aldi

    You’re a practical person who likes to keep busy and help those around you out as much as possible. But you also have a tendency to procrastinate, which can lead to your life being untidy and disorganised.

    You divide your film watching between absolute classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest, and Aardman animations Shaun the Sheep and The Wrong Trousers. You also love to learn with a bit of University Challenge or Human Universe.

    Favourite trio? Crosby, Stills and Nash. Favourite duo? Simon and Garfunkel. Favourite solo? Mariah Carey.


    • Hobbies: Gardening, DIY, sports
    • Profession: Home and garden, entertainment or finance
    • Favourite supermarket: Morrison’s

    Out of all your friends, you’re the parent of the group. You’re loving, homely and always good company, but if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re at risk of becoming grouchy and overconfident.

    If there are two things you like, it’s TV comedy and James Bond. That’s why you’ll devour comedy from any generation from Hancock’s Half Hour to House of Fools before knocking back Live and Let Die and Octopussy in one sitting. You’ve also been known to watch Carry On Sergeant or Escape to Victory if you’re flicking through the channels and spot either of them on a Sunday afternoon.

    The old boys really knew how to play a tune, didn’t they? You can’t beat a song composed by Johnny Dankworth, played by Reginald Dixon and sung by Al Martino and Andy Williams.


    • Hobbies: Pub quizzes, cinema and hiking
    • Profession: Engineering, architecture or interior design
    • Favourite supermarket: Sainsbury’s

    You’re a wholesome, decent person with a quiet confidence about you. But people sometimes find you a little odd before they get to know you, and your tendency to speak your mind when they do can leave them thinking you tactless.

    Your DVD collection’s an all-out war, as you’re always trying to pick between Pearl Harbour, The Eagle Has Landed and Django Unchained. For a bit of levity, you’ll normally go for something like 3rd Rock from the Sun or Al Murray.

    When it comes to music, you hate singles but you love album tracks. You’ll give as much time to Gorillaz and Supergrass as you will to Nightwish and Pink Floyd.


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