What’s inside an Airport Lounge?

    Airport Lounge

    If you’re looking for ways to avoid the hustle and bustle that a busy international airport brings, or just wanting to begin your holiday experience that little bit sooner, then a Airport Lounge is definitely something to consider.

    Peace, quiet and space

    If nothing else, the airport lounge offers large, comfortable chairs, with plenty of space to stretch out and relax—or work, if that’s your style. Most offer some way to keep tabs on departing flights along with several large-screen TVs that you or your fellow guests can adjust to any available channel. Generally, mobile reception is good with strong Wifi access for tablets and smart phones. And if you’re a dedicated last-century person, they typically provide a stack of newspapers and magazines, both local and national.

    Get down to work

    Lounges are great when you want to get some work done or go online to check email or Facebook. Most lounges provide their own computers with good Internet speed, and they also provide Wi-Fi and desks with power sources where you can use your own laptop or notebook. Getting online is generally really easy—at worst, you might have to ask for a Wi-Fi network password.

    Food and booze

    Let’s be realistic: One of the main attractions for many lounge users is the elaborate spread of food appropriate to the time of day. Usually, this includes a generous supply of nuts, crackers, pretzels, soup, cheese, biscuits and other hot food choices. If you are more interested in the bar then you will be able to choose from a choice of soft drinks, beers, wines, and popular liquors. Most lounges allow you to assemble your own plate of edibles and pour you own drinks—and nobody’s counting. Given that drinks at regular airport bars can easily cost anywhere between £5 and £10 each, you don’t have to dent a lounge’s supply much to offset the price of a one-way pass. 


    If you’ve never been inside an Airport Lounge before then below video, courtesy of Manchester Airport, will give you a virtual tour of one of their Manchester Airport Lounges so that you can gain a sense of exactly what an Airport Lounge has to offer.

    Well worth a watch if you want to see what’s actually inside an airport lounge.

    Airport Lounges


    *Airport Lounge Prices from £13.50 – This is currently the lowest price charged across the portfolio of worldwide lounges that we offer. This price does not necessarily apply to the particular airport you may be traveling from. Prices generally range from £13.50 to over £25 per person depending on season and location.